Floating dust

I can’t take this anymore, I thought today will be a usual dusty traffic day. But I ended up pushing my vehicle. It was not my regular exercise, but the vehicle was out of gas. I pushed with full concentration to stop at a nearby gas station. My mind was creating gas stations all over the city, but the reality was that I needed to push for another two kilometers. The mind doesn’t have any logic, it can create things as per its wish. I considered pushing an overweight object as an exercise, just so I can feel free from the tense situation.

I asked myself, “Why me?”

In a way I motivated myself to do it. Therefore things worked out without any obstruction. I can’t blame the pollution, because I’m one of the people who contributes to the pollution in this city. The more and more I contribute, the more I receive. I felt like people were staring at me, and it was not a surprising moment for them to see a person pushing his vehicle.

Birds flew above me, and I felt as though they laughed at me.

A slew of emotions flipped as feathers inside me. In another way, I was happy that I’ve compensated this situation for skipping my gym this morning.

“Eureka, eureka!” I exclaimed; I had found a gas station and I felt like a person who found water in Sahara dessert.

I had pushed my bike so fast and reached the gas station.

After filling the tank, I got irritated by another thing – about the person who was driving in front me. I have no problem if someone overtakes me. But this fellow knew the art of irritating others.

We are already spreading pollution in this city, but this person is trying to contribute bonus cigarette smoke. Holding the cigarette in a stylish way and tapping with another finger that god gave to him to remove the ash from the tip of his cigarette.

This time I felt that I have to do something about these kind of morons. This hot climate is nothing as compared to my high blood pressure. It will burn this cigarette smoking genius. I checked the number plate color, it was not taxi. I’ve no idea about how many times I’ve shouted at these kinds of people. It might sound like opera to them, but I’m still finding the way to deal with these so-called educated people.

Our vehicles stopped at a signal but also felt that people usually don’t respect traffic rules.

I tried to make a decent conversation or rather, a decent fight that was expected to ruin his day and mine as well. I called out to him from my bike.

“Hello, hello Sir”

He turned towards me.

I asked, “Why don’t you keep an ashtray inside your car?”


“You are scattering ash on others”

“What’s your problem?”

“I’m a non-smoker. That is my problem”

He looked at me as though I was a traitor, and that he could file a complaint on me under any section number.

His appearance had the corporate look. It descried that there was no big deal about this, which signaled me to move on. I needed to check whether this person was a bodybuilder, so I could be quite safe on using words or else I would end-up in hospital where there is a no smoking zone. But luckily he is not. He could be nearly forty. He looked like he was always ready for fight.

He ferociously replied, “You have no point at all. I’m smoking inside my car”
I immediately reacted to his line like a lawyer who got a very good point, “Why don’t put the ash inside your car. It belongs to you.”

Again he grinned at me, “what is the big deal man?”

Suddenly he became to act like American government that he can easily manage all his mistakes and tried to show his powerful remorseless look at me.

“Can’t you have any common sense”, I shouted at him. Yes, I know it is a very typical line that I’ve used against him without any common sense. I could’ve use hard words or by increasing my tone or I could’ve torn my shirt to show my superman physique.

It was not at all making any sense for anyone who was standing near us at that signal. Traffic light is still showing red. Further, the traffic police was busy in controlling the traffic and I could see one traffic officer who was sitting on his bike and smoking.

Is it smoking day? Do I need to celebrate with these people by smoking in public without any regret?

I’ve noticed some smokers are also speaking against felling trees. But what they don’t know, is that the cigarette smoke can also kill many trees.

“Dude”, he called me to earth.

“Don’t kill yourself thinking too much. See, I’m throwing the cigarette”, he put the cigarette on the road with fire on it. I stepped outside from my bike and put my shoes on the cigarette to put off the fire.

At the time, like a climax of a movie, the signal turned to green, and he started moving giving me a grin.

I could understand that he would be taking another cigarette and fire its head in a stylish manner to eat somebody else’s head in the same day.

I moved along with the carbon monoxide to my office.

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Timeless Madness

Timeless Madness

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There is a silence between Narayani Amma and that elephant named Ramankutty. Nowadays Ramankutty is not eating properly. She felt that the painful silence in Ramankutty’s deep eyes. Its eyes are very expressive than human eyes. An animal’s eyes are more aggressive and expressive than human eyes. The big black body is slowly moving.She looked into its eyes and felt that he is going to travel far away from her. She has suddenly realized and prayed not to go with her intuition. That elephant Ramankutty is always gives her hope for life. She cooked food for him and feeds him a bulk of bananas. She felt the warm touch from him. Narayanni Amma is working in that temple for many years. She never get tired to take care of Ramankutty. She talks about her past life to it. She strongly believed that he is seriously listening to her. Her stories are in different expressions. Each stories are having sub-stories. It’s like that she has been trapped in many stories. It is totally like non-linear story telling. She will be lost sometimes between her story lines and started to cry. Ramankutty has felt her affectionate touch. Its trunk touches her head, now she started to cry more. Sometimes the affection will be more hell than hate if you don’t know to handle it. “Don’t leave me. I need you”, her tired eyes are begging. She is also quite a rational person. But too much of expectations are usually wins the rational thoughts. What’s the use being so rational? Narayani Amma got to know that Ramankutty is going to die very soon. “Ok, good bye, I’ll be coming after you very soon”.

I met Narayani Amma in a moment where the blessings were showered on me like raindrops. She blessed me. In between conversation, she said, “if it needs to happen, it’ll happen. It’s a calculation. It’s a mayarubam”. She smiled and that smile reflected on my face too.

My Recent work

My Recent work

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Colors of Words – Paintings by Ramalekshman

Paintings about undetermined minds which are folded inside several layers.
These paintings were displayed at Alliance Francaise de Bangalore, 2009.

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