a shORt storY abOuT siLvErfIsHeS

…and the things were happened such a way it can be explain by anyone in any themes. Trenchant criticism is extending to get all the transparent points which was already noted. But its s….l….o…..w…..l…..y chewing the same points to get through the pretending notes. They all are coming





“Such or much or bitch or switch or a great pitch or a clever witch or back itch or a wow hitch or am I letch?”

“Fuck, comeonnnnn maeeennnn…don’t over react?”

“You know the hyper temper is lighter than bubbles”

“Yeah, I know…what you are up to today?”

“Dude, I am so scared. Its been a long time.”

“For what?”

“To know that I am nothing inside this nothing world”

“When did you got this outlook?”

“When I was







“So nice to hear that. Could you please give some detail?”

“From a root word we can attach another meaning”

“YOUR HOLY SHIT, is it possible for you to give me a straight answer?”

“Its a brill, not a magic. A real consideration went up. Nothing to act with realism which was already popped up and the process is repeating in such a way that was already recorded”

“You used the word ALREADY twice. Its a mistake in our world”

“Yes it is. Forget to remember the aggroup. It has some concepts to save all our asses”

“You are giving me that itchy again”

“Listen please, its…its…its like a quark”

“You mean this words are growing in another branch in another level that would not related to a real purpose or meaning”

“Not exactly, but you got a component”

“It sounds like preconception. I think your calculation heading towards a wrong address. Try to develop in its own way”

“There it goes, arcminutes. In every sixty seconds the words leaves the gist. But the concepts are altered by the variations of sound”

“That is a systematic sound. Damn. caution on thingamabobs. Smart light would fall on you to pull you away from the center knot. What are you planning for quipster?”

“A bad question from you. Down to fuck, they are running around the ground, shouting at the crowd. That’s only for poor fishes and bourgeois.”

“huh? look, as a monomania I don’t want to fuck with your post-elite conceptions”

“Its so odd. Do you like odd numbers? Try to calculate the odd numbers with even, even though you can get a probabilistic idea.

“Even though it is an odd Calculation? what do you mean? add or subtract or multiply or divide or square root or …what do you mean?”

“When you start to write the numbers in words, the calculation would show you the quality and quantity. Thus the choice is made up of  calculation, not in the intention”

“Come again”

“Intention is the form of your knowledge and expectation. The calculation is developed from the knowledge which has the ability to skip the external laws.”

“I hate to take bath with YOU LIKE BOHEMIAN”

He didn’t work so deliberately to end up in this desert. Whole things were stopped its process because of its idealistic nature. Estimations were clinched inside the mind. Knots were became hebetudinous and the presence of sense grabbing the bit parts of  change. In an audition he was asked to deliver some dialogues, there a line was yelling at a woman, calling her a predacious creature. How can a word give us the incorrect existence? After that time, he used to think about the fast decision that really made to rewrite all the results whatever he has in his document. That was not pretty sure for him to take advantage on any meaning that is already tend to continue and it should continue and to be continued…and it continues…and…

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2 Responses to a shORt storY abOuT siLvErfIsHeS

  1. pallava says:

    I just like last two lines it did make great deal of sense

  2. Captain! You know where the mines are 🙂

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