arT-oFFiciAL-inteLLigenCE – 5

Ethics of Inspiration
We’ve watched movies based on books. But there will be vast difference between a book and a movie. Books will not restrict our imagination, but movies will. Because, while reading you are deciding the appearance of characters, places, etc. Our mind sticks into a level of limits in movies. We should watch what it shows to us. But if a movie director has the knowledge of understanding the essence of a book, he would not hesitate to come up with his visual ideas. That’s the only ‘stuff’ which a movie director always wants. Another side, when someone inspired by other language movie, the person should watch that movie as reading a book, not the visual. Understanding the inwardness of the story and trying to see in own imagination. I would like to quote a movie called ‘Piano teacher’ that inspired by the book written by Elfriede Jelinek. I watched the movie first, then I read the book. I couldn’t resist myself thinking about Isabelle Hubbert as Erika. Her face was not vanishing from my mind while reading the novel. But it could be a different experience if I read the novel first. At this point, the movie really entered inside me along with the strong intense visuals and the subtle way of certain treatment. Especially the incest scene. The sexual energy is treated in words in such a manner that we can go along with the flow. But the visual gives us another impact. Michael Haneke kinds of person who can understand the possibilities of human minds. He always come up with his master imagination on screen. That is one of my favorite movie in my list and that novel too.

A movie inspired by a movie
We’ve watched several movies which was inspired by another movies. It always happens all over the world. Here again I like to talk about my another favorite movie ‘Lolita’. The first version was directed by Stanley Kubrick and second one was Adrian Lyne. We can see there will be reasonable difference between the two versions. The reason is the matter of time. America kind of conservative country wasn’t much advanced to touch the taboo subjects like European movies. So there were mild treatment on wild side of mind that has been treated up to the level of Pseudo-subtlety. Personally I liked the second version, even though I’m the fan of Kubrick. An Indian film ‘Dev D’ is one of the best modern version of the retarded story(yes, it is) Devdas. Anurag kashyap’s screenplay is pretty entertaining and the way he uses the character designs are quite acceptable. But it’s not a full movie, can call as a musical genre.

Producer might bought the rights to remake a movie from any other language, but sometimes we don’t get the honest parts from the remakes. One of the best example for worst remake is “The Departed”. I have watched the original version from Hong Kong movie. I’m pretty inspired. But the English version has lost the gist of original. Very mediocre, melodramatic, and we can’t blame the cast but the director. Music? Sometimes felt like I was watching Godard’s movie because the high tone of music in between the conversation. Scorsese was in hurry to prove his speculator side. And the worst part was the Oscar. Can’t help it sometimes.

Recently seen best movies,
1) Last Train Home (2009) – Mandarin
2) I Am (2010) – Hindi
3) The Ledge (2011) – English
3) Adaminte Makan Abu (2011) – Malayalam

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