There is a silence between Narayani Amma and that elephant named Ramankutty. Nowadays Ramankutty is not eating properly. She felt that the painful silence in Ramankutty’s deep eyes. Its eyes are very expressive than human eyes. An animal’s eyes are more aggressive and expressive than human eyes. The big black body is slowly moving.She looked into its eyes and felt that he is going to travel far away from her. She has suddenly realized and prayed not to go with her intuition. That elephant Ramankutty is always gives her hope for life. She cooked food for him and feeds him a bulk of bananas. She felt the warm touch from him. Narayanni Amma is working in that temple for many years. She never get tired to take care of Ramankutty. She talks about her past life to it. She strongly believed that he is seriously listening to her. Her stories are in different expressions. Each stories are having sub-stories. It’s like that she has been trapped in many stories. It is totally like non-linear story telling. She will be lost sometimes between her story lines and started to cry. Ramankutty has felt her affectionate touch. Its trunk touches her head, now she started to cry more. Sometimes the affection will be more hell than hate if you don’t know to handle it. “Don’t leave me. I need you”, her tired eyes are begging. She is also quite a rational person. But too much of expectations are usually wins the rational thoughts. What’s the use being so rational? Narayani Amma got to know that Ramankutty is going to die very soon. “Ok, good bye, I’ll be coming after you very soon”.

I met Narayani Amma in a moment where the blessings were showered on me like raindrops. She blessed me. In between conversation, she said, “if it needs to happen, it’ll happen. It’s a calculation. It’s a mayarubam”. She smiled and that smile reflected on my face too.

My Recent work

My Recent work

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