arT-oFFiciAL-inteLLigenCE – 4

“Your name is Rosetta. My name is Rosetta. You found a job. I found a job. You’ve got a friend. I’ve got a friend. You have a normal life. I have a normal life. You won’t fall in a rut. I won’t fall in a rut. Good night. Good night.” – movie “Rosetta”

Rosetta is not alone, she lives with her hope and strong believes. She tied all her wishes to get in to the world of survival. She is under an obligation to breathe and make her life steady as normal. She walks so fast, her legs almost forgot the pain. Sometimes her lower abdomen will not allow her to think about her dreams. Her dreams were dead. Only her old hair dryer helps to warm her skin. Her skin is very soft and cold, like her mind. It was created by the affairs around her. She again started to run to find a drop of water for her thirsty. She don’t know to dance. Once her boyfriend invite her for a dance and she was surprised to understand him and his world. She went along with him for his boots, so she can walk through the woods. Her paths are full of bushes and trees. She can hear the sounds of animals and insects. She learnt to understand the silence between the lines and she do always. No one can find anything in her eyes, its like a stone, a hard stone that is burning in a fire. Her mother standing on Rosetta’s legs, Rosetta lends her breathe to her mother. Her mother living in a deep rut, deeply with her scars. She asked her mother to comb her hair. She resisted and ran away from the room. Rosetta again fell inside the rut, as usual she slowly came out to reach the normal space. And again she tried very hard not to join with any crowd. She is not interested to fish, scared for the broken glass bottle. Boots helps her toes from mud. Later she borrowed another boots from her friend with whom she hesitated to dance. Rosetta can be understand by some minds who lives her life. Sometimes her smile seems intriguing towards the mind. Changing the paths is easy for her. She knows those hands moves towards her breast to squeeze her little hopes, she knows those cunning thunder might fall on her, she knows every minutes are like dead cells. She went to bed and fell asleep.

Je t’aime, bonne nuit, Rosetta!

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2 Responses to arT-oFFiciAL-inteLLigenCE – 4

  1. This is such a moving piece of writing. Thank you.

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