arT-oFFiciAL-inteLLigenCE – 3

He is sure that no one will find the secret. Even though he is not sure about it. So he walked slowly between the crowd. The crowd hasn’t shown any importance to him. He felt very comfortable to cross the place. The place is always shows an ignorance and tremendous individual stupidity. Waves like voices, drilled each others hearts. Someone suddenly hold his hands tightly and asked him the reason for his nervousness. He gave the answer of silence. A silence which no one can easily find the meanings. Useless meanings are filled up in the stranger’s hands. It was so hard and so esurient to find something. I am rendered to do things as I like. Damn! It is slightly acceptable without any ones presence. Oh! great separations had been eaten away all his past truths. There is a future, call it as great future, shan’t be unavoidable. But he pushed his steps in to a new room with new faces with new words. That room was filled up with many boxes. He stared at those boxes and hesitated to open to spoil all the secrets inside in it. He is a box of secrets. This woman is totally fed up by her alcoholic husband. She worried about her cute little kitty. Beautiful flowers she is. She is a budding pianist. She plays Michael Nyman’s The Promise in sparkling colors. Everyone must see her fingers dancing. Such a cute magical fingers. Only the magical fingers gives hope to her. Sometimes she call her secret well wisher who came in to her life. She has been tied by his love past couple of years. Distance which makes all the call to connect the endless conversation. Nowadays their Euro lines were making thick difference between the works. Very very hard time to bear with all those files and bills. Snakes, snakes, snakes, all around her, to taste her matured blood. Let the vampire angel grab only her painful fleshes. Let the zephyr caress her.

Her click on wondering heights

Her click on wondering heights

M.F. Husain – Messenger of art

M.F. Husain

M.F. Husain

He was humiliated and disgraced for the only reason was his religion. Personally I strongly believe that he was a deist. I have seen few people really observed the essence of religious books. He is the one of the observer till date through his paintings. In the time when the mob had started to harass him through many ways, he was the iron artist who stood there on his thoughts. Finally Europe minds were welcomed him to understand his idea of art and the intellectual reflection. He had started to color the phenomenon parts of human minds. His creations creates many creators. Art is ambiguous, we should elicit changes at many ways, that would lead us to a new journey. His creations will continue to enamour the world. That journey never stops.

Another Year

I have smelt the aroma of rain in my heart when I was watching this film. Mary need someone to stitch the torn parts of her life. Her hesitation and extreme expectations stands in front of her to delay the magical moments. Gerri and Tom are the only space where she can pour all her dreams. The border of privacy always there in any kind of relationship and it gives us lots of message when we are not there at the right moment. She felt that her immersed inception will never come back. The predictions on our retention that falls apart to give us new meanings. Watch it.

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