To all sweet hearts and to sweet heart’s sweet hearts, Finally in my couple of month research I’ve found and learnt that a ‘Modernist’ wants to marry a intelligent partner and a ‘Post-modernist’ wants to marry a intelligent partner in their same caste (or religion). What an evolution?!!!! I am not confused to talk about it. More and more capital ideas has been eating the secreting newology (Newology=New Ideology, my neologism, never mind) I have forgotten most of my questions that really helped me to go head with my thoughts. Anyway, great. Not one thing, many things are visible and invisible, thanks for all those strange people who had decided to talk with me without token. Things are not taken for granted. Especially people who calls others, “Hey you, conservative”. I have to spend a day to laugh about those artificial intelligent head. Who is conservative and non-conservative? Source of intelligence comes from experience and whatever the damn things we had learnt or are learning. It’s not quite impossible for us to change the inbuilt formation of ‘unconscious-wish’ inside our mind. That controls the whole process of our thoughts. You believe it or not, it happens, and it’s not in our present-control. We can’t even imagine the activity of its method of making purposes to push us. Sometimes it gives lots of confidence on our justifications. “Bourgeoisie are not allowed positively”, Have you seen this before somewhere? No?! Notice their eyes, carefully with your intelligence (yeah, there we go), keep your five fingers and wrist on your cheek, life your face up, close your eyes, Can you see them running like naturists? Don’t see their private parts, it is just hanging around for some scenes. The point is now pointing out the level of intelligence.

Long live intelligence!

(to be continued…)

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