Girlfriends’ husbands

Manushyaputhiran is one of the greatest poet in India who writes in the language Tamil. I’ve translated one of his poem in my version.

Affection with the girlfriends’ husbands
a chess square always appears
unchangeable feigning of a mystery shadow
a dangerous bravado of a circus clown
a trap net over a preposterous space

Affection with the girlfriends’ husbands
I avoid to see the eyes of my girlfriends
I denied to accept the colors of her dresses
the secret affections through a cup of coffee
I attach her memories with some other incident
I am making fun of her presence like her husband

Affection with the girlfriends’ husbands
we are accepted due to the compassion
it is a magnanimity shown to us
sometimes it is a nobility shown to our girlfriends
it is a secret game to believe that we are not suspected

Affection with the girlfriends’ husbands
she always talks in ghost’s cryptic language
she always crosses so proficiently with an anxiety in a dangerous curves of a conversation
In the end of each conversation she always left a note about her husband
In the end of each meeting she started to think in an exhausted mind
that it is good to have only husbands as our friends

In between the affection with my girlfriends’ husbands is not just a relationship
It is a game without any goal
a clobber respect shown to a stranger
a yobo’s secret revolt against a person who holds the law
a fish thorn that permanently stayed inside the throat

Affection with the girlfriends’ husbands
I am changing my habits
I am considering all their concerns as mine
Only one thing is enough to talk with girlfriends
we need too much of crude things to talk with their husbands

Affection with the girlfriends’ husbands,
I have learned to love their children instead of girlfriend
I have learned things like
how much to drink
where to stop the jokes
how to keep the chairs in a perfect distance
when to leave from the place

I am confused about how should I call girlfriend without mentioning her name?
Or how to pronounce names as just as names?
About how to get away from this vulgar culture of calling a girlfriend ‘Sister’?

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