nEvER mInD

“Where a love ends?”, He asked with his usual stone face.

“Generally speaking?“, She asked with her usual psychiatrist tone.


“I think when lack of respects is installed, what do u think?”

“lots, in lack of respect, in sex, in ego, in doubts,…”

“yeah, of course, and what do u think?”

“Still thinking”

“What is the recipe for a love to keep going?”

“The several acts in love”

“I think it is something cannot express”

“being honest might sometimes slice the relationship the whole content of expectations”

“hm…yes and the idea that you can find that expectation”

“perfect connections in the imperfect”


“then, why the people lacking in it”

“because they are stupid”

“we can’t love this world”

“they don’t know to search what they need, then, when they find, they don’t want to keep it simple”

“like wise, we can’t accept anybody as they are”

“and so complicate”

“so, its a simple action, as in, shaking hands”

“what? what so simple?”, She took a cigarette from her handbag.

He helped her to light it and he continued,

“I meant only the coition between male and female minds, not physically”

She started to read him.

He continued, “everyone like to design a frame around them to portrait and to justify their relationship with anything”

“what made you to get into this conclusion?”, Smoke came out from her lung slowly with a question.

“I am watching us all the time and listening our noises and voices”

“When minds meet, when souls are touching, is no need of explanations and justifying, is just recognizing yourself into another one-if is a real meet, if no-is just a simple act of communication”

“Whats the soul touching! (he laughed sarcastically)…you might think I haven’t had any feminine smell in my life. I had. but I felt one thing in that relationship, its totally an individual’s expectation. not plurality theory. I am not having words in my pocket to throw, like wise, the emotions too. yes, its true, that I had used the word ‘soul’, but the intention is to exaggerate the lines”

“I am not thinking that you hadn’t a feminine smell in yours life, never thinking at that. I think I was talking about other thing, much thin…”

“Everything is predefined bold! what is thin?”

“Thin is something you cannot understand now, why you cannot understand? I don’t know, maybe you haven’t react the time for understanding this, never mind, is time for everything in this life. (long pause in the purple lips) hmm… I am smelling in the air a new article…or a new poem…”

“You are an alchemist”

She started to unwrap Van D’Or choco.

“I don’t want to see you dying in fat and it will increase your libido!!!”, He smiled mischievously.

“Come on…never mind”

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