liTtLE fOxeS

“Tina, are you OK?”
“Tina, you have no idea”
“Tina, you are sick. Better split”
“Tina, you are changing”
“Tina, you need a break”
“Tina, you come with me, I’ll show you the light”
“Tina, you have to run from here”
“Tina, never look back. Just go away”
“Tina, you must leave”
“Tina, I love you”
“Tina, I hate you”

Tina is totally tired of hearing those voices from the foxes, little foxes. Show me the power of love, Tina dreams every night, some times at day. She is so scared to understand the things around her. To understand the understandings. Tina nearly went to see her position in many places. Eyes are staring at her bursting breasts. Never understand to understand a strange look. Her lips is a red palace which don’t keep any secret stories. When Tina was roaming with her friends, she felt the world was completely gone invisible. She noticed a ghost near by the door. It smiled at her, sometimes it shows a grin. Tina ran from that place to find a new land. She had waited for someone near by the castle. Waited for someone to hold her. She did all her tricks to make defense. She sold her respect at a point. Living in her fantasy world satisfied her much to go to sleep without dreams. Tina would like to hug someone and caress their hair to release the agony. Pieces that she had collected from the sky. Sky is a mirror, reflected her whole past and future. Her eyes are wine, someone told her from somewhere between a dance. She found a poisonous salty sea everywhere. She likes to swim to catch all the star fishes. Sun rays passes inside the sea that shows its eyes clearly. She never heard about the delusion of scene that always irritates her many times. Her stone is not interested to express her mind and not consoled with any philosophers. That’s the way it works only for her to measure all the time. Away from the people or acting to the people or drinking with people or dancing with people or smoking with people or fucking with people all are made her to act like an adamant hand. she have been waiting for her period to ignore her friends and lovers like lovers. There was a way that she already forgot, awarded for the girl of alien corner. Did she ever mention about her wallet? We can find pills and bills and some chills. Tina is with us, we can see her in a bus, sitting on a corner seat and listening to a unknown song that no one can find the lyrics. we can see her in a crowd, dancing with her friends, eating a cold pizza. We can see her in a park sitting with a book that no one interested to read. Publishing her manipulated pictures in online with some decorated smiles to add more foxes. Tina had never showed her tears to anyone, because she is an actress, an invisible actress. Her makeup boxes were filled up with lots of love letters and kerchiefs. Only Tina knows the stories of it. She is not a writer to write her episodes. Finding unwritten pages to fill up her perceptions. Jumping from cloud to cloud like a bird, flying high to reach nowhere. She liked to see her torn vagina, jacuzzi was filled with hot blood and cold water. We must see her eyes in that particular time, an eyes of darkest beauty, running from every parts of her cells. Forgetting hormones, challenging the chauvinist to stand against her. Tina, my dear Tina, words are caressing her always. Best to escape from this world is to make others to hate her. They will not bother her anymore. The sound inside her is astounding, She felt comfortable in a small pot of white thick flames. She never ever asked those foxes to scram, and she can’t do that.

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