stEllA dOeS trIckS

Dear Stella,
Am I there to resist whatever you say? Will you allow me to ignore you? Because you does tricks. A sweet bitchy tricks. Your hair does tricks, it shines all the day. Your perception on anything does something inside my skull. What else can I talk about you, Stella? You scared me much when I was in the alienated place because of the ignored hands. You kissed me and told me your stories. All your stories are still makes me cry and ran up the hill to jump. Some of your stories made me fly. Hold my hands, cut my wrist and show me your picture of performance.I stop here to make you to talk about your hidden stories. But stop plucking flowers from your secret garden. Sometimes I thought to say “me too”, but I don’t. You are created by your tricks. You burnt someones car and flew away from there. You enjoyed the way of fire dance. I noticed the yellow shadow on your face. Its really something that I can’t explain. Your fingers are their dildos and they had squeezed most of your dreams. Have you slept last night? No, I don’t think so. You are a person who wakes up till the moon sleeps. I should learn the tricks from you. Most of the time the elaborate answers made me sick; Don’t you feel? You could. But how you made the mask to hide your exciting expressions that this society contributed to you without any sympathy? Stella! you haven’t met someone who can learn your tricks. My commercial mind have ever expected to learn those tricks. Teach me to steal your diary, I would like to read those episodes. Will you? Teach me to run inside your darkness forever, I would like to dissolve myself in it.Lying eyes, lying lips, ophidian power to pull all your lying tricks. Help those cats from falling, help them to walk. Let the Bunch of adroit negotiators fall from their heights. Do your tricks. Your tricks made your world. You have melted your tricks in every corner. Its a clear cut method to concentrate on your same tricks to create the same meta-life. Day dream times to remember all the causes. But I would like to suspend all my acceptance. I have started to carry all my stuffs in a bag to start ride all those lightening stories. Write about the sexual poverty in your world and how you had liberated from those wet hands.

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2 Responses to stEllA dOeS trIckS

  1. curse says:

    It surprises me that you are not considered one of our generations’ quirkiest and ingenious writers. πŸ™‚

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