roMANian MARginEa – V

Eyes went upside down, more to the evolution of trading. That helps the symbolism of belief, nothing to stop, nothing to continue. The path is still running by its own method of madness.

The bus is crowded with confused hopes. She slightly opened the sliding window and allowed the rain drops to kiss her face. She tried to smile and couldn’t to move her face skin.

“I love you Azida”

“It’s so boring to hear that. Anyway thank you.”

“Where are you heading to?”

“Near by the town”

“Shall I call you blue angel?”

“I am in the end of finishing my project. So why don’t you go out to get some sleeping pills?”

“Do you think the pills would help you?”

“Not really. But I need.”

“At what time I can expect you?”

“After six hours”

She disconnected the call and plugged the iPod. Slowly Vivaldi occupied her mind by his four seasons. He pulled her all emotions at once, challenging her rational world. She again tried to live without the presence of promises.

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