kIsS mY aCE

When I was changing the calling bell I heard the voice of someone who was calling me. Before I shut the door to hear the sound of new calling bell. Shining new technology grabbed my time to show me the exact sound, in a way. Thus the way the sound of silence works. Standing inside the room without a pinch of sound, I was waiting to hear the sound from outside. My inside expectation really tend me to close my eyes, and I started to travel outside. The silent spaces changes the calling bell before, a long ago. So I trusted my ace life. As per my expectation, I heard the tone which was really memorizing and mesmerizing. It gave me lots of color. Colors are dissolving in air. More and more colors are changing the pattern of sound which I heard before. Because of power interruption I was sickened. They knocked the door. I opened the door to record their faces for myself and place it in my shelves along with my unwritten books. In a great joy to finish the dues of words and to continue the travel into a frame ideas. Went back, sat in a wooden stools to find some bullet points. Ran inside the rest room, after the deed, they found that there was no toilet papers or water to finish the process. That because the characteristic of the situation doesn’t happened in probabilistic way. Thing and think to step forward towards a calculated situation, here we go again to compare the existing issues. But where is the clear presence to makeup a concurrency?

An abrupt pause in the mind.

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