roMANian MARginEa – I

Reddish stunning fish, in her fleshy cheek, she touched it by her feather fingers. Like a kiss without lips. Fishes are swimming all over her face; she faces the face of laziness. Fish is stronger than her imagination, its gills are bigger than her thoughts, but when it swims on her face its size reduces. Eyes are rounded planet and it stares at her fishy eyes all the time. This sticky fish eats her lips slowly without giving her pain. But her lips grow day by day like her happiness. She is living with others happiness, with her animals that always stays in her small rock house. She doesn’t allow the fish to jump from her face and she doesn’t allow other animals to eat her fish.

She dreamt she was in a castle deep inside a sea. In that dream, she was swimming inside the eyes of a fish. It’s a black fish. She seemed like an insect in its eyes, but she was not what she seemed to be. The fish doesn’t have any movement like its mind. It’s not easy to guess the next waves. She moved all over its body. She touched its body; she kissed and teared its gills by her sharp nails. But there are no symptoms of movements. She knew that its life is still floating inside. After that dream, she hasn’t had any dreams till now. She trained herself to live along with the fish. Every night she plays with the fish. At the end of the game she pleaded to the fish not to give her anymore dreams. She started to hate dreams and dreams are all like her skin which changes its color day by day. There was no proffer between them. They don’t discuss the floating points and sometimes those points’ reaches towards sky, like some dead fishes.

She used to carry her chair. It’s a mini chair, only her skinny body can fit. She took the chair and went to the black garden. There she started to read books and after sometimes, she started to stare at people in that street. She counted the people who all are staring at her. But a man always stares at her without blinking his eyes.

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2 Responses to roMANian MARginEa – I

  1. cat says:

    And whats the link to romanian and moreover, to marginea?? Anyhow, its interesting the image of swimming inside the fish.

  2. Rama says:

    I have been having relationship with Romania for over couple of years. I would like to have a subtle touch.

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