ouT oF hiS bOX

He said, "ma nemees Keeshna"

A good tripod is much more important to tune the camera without any interruption or distraction. The lens in our mind is to view something beyond from any beyond. A moment was there to show me the enthusiasm through minor age smartness, that gave me the moxie to climb heights. The special lines are lined up from the special moments. A smooth breeze dominating my face through a gap of window. The dialogues were repeated by different faces in unaccepted expressions. Anxiously waiting for the expected expressions without manipulated colors and in tone too. The sun was laughed at us to continue our work, that place was filled with our curious and furious. “We should do it”, “Actually we should change it”, “its not subtle”, “Can we do it better?”, “that’s really great”, “This is not what I am expecting”. Words are literally shared sometimes due to the pressure of that situation. He was running inside the scene with his recreation, a smart and cute smile in his face. By studying every moment he started to learn new things. Literally I stopped thinking about my childhood’s adamant moments. Quiet important for me to expand the memories or is better to quit. Some lazy time would push us to wave our rainbow moments. Its an illusion, even though its not an odd.

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