soMe notEs at soMetiMeS

One person have the right to take his own life. As I wrote before it is an extreme painful goodbye. We had read a lots of online news from our online life. We had crossed over those things just ‘one of the news’. Recently my mind was dismayed by a news. One of my known person had taken his life. A lovely relationship made him very sensitive, that was already observed by my mind. He left this small earth for his high priority reasons that were might not considered as a reason by others.

His mainstream thoughts and my offbeat had nothing to do with our corporate relationship. As a friend he always showed his smiley face. Now his body became a learning subject to some practitioners.  Doctors will cut his flesh to find the external reasons to give formal reports. But his original reasons were already hidden somewhere, it has buried somewhere he lived, somewhere he felt the happiness, somewhere he laughed honestly, somewhere he cried. It will laugh at others, but we are not going to realize it anyways. This world is made up of stones, water, trees, full stops, exclamations, commas and secrets.

Dude, I have nothing to convey about you to others. You are so lucky to get inside the secret world of ‘after death’. See you sometime…sure.


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