hArMOnioUsneSS oF dIsTanCE

After hearing the voice of my mother’s call in a fresh new day, I started to think about a subtle part that has been waking up the particular part of richness and to measures the value of emotional content. Due to the single beat of happiness, the richness really intends to wake up the constant theory of ability. Richest part has been listening to the critical variations in decades. The affection is slightly manipulated in different forms in my recent days. The pure words were filtered to avoid the dual meanings and diversions. The first kiss and last kiss were talking about the conscience of moment, it was a beautiful fear. My mind is contributing too much of lines, not really teaches me the dereliction. Jokes and wisecracking are all filled up in an ordinary jar. Mentioned reasons were adopted by some minds and unknown guns are always ready to face the sky. Fifty fifty chances are desperate to do something in domino. Still breathing the game of all the seasons, but the dismissed parts having the chance to continue the music in different colors.

Present day: My silver fingers stirring the ice cream. It’s so yummy. Ice cream chill, chillness in my throat. Chilly chill can’t live in anyone’s space.

Post-Present day: Mind in my silver fingers stirring the taste.

Present represents the rich policies. It is a singularity model. A model of gorgeous presence always. A clean slate of decision. Distance music is such a moment which always intend to draw the false lines. Greatness of false lines are true to get the incredible points of harmony. Draw it in a different lines to adapt the present moment with some identity. There are Possibilities to collapse the entire words to convey another meaning. Judging the variations again to solve the problems in different theories. Distant method has the method of acting which we cannot easily find the manoeuver input of ideas through an art. Acting presentation like ‘Bibiana Beglau’. Her potent straight look dominates the whole frame. Apart from her gender, she is a new wave of rebel look. One word gripping the whole story with the help of her performance. Her lips can eat any kind of philosophies, her tears are powerful than Joseph Haydn’s piano sonata. Die Stille nach dem Schuß (The legend of Rita aka The Silence after the Shot) is one of the greatest movie ever. The design of this story is elaborating the lives of two women who intend to come out from the arm revolution that against imperialism in West Germany.

One shan’t go along with the parallel terms unless an idea has more diversion. Some plots are more idealistic and it contains medium level of portrait. But even though some pieces are well known for its straight touch.

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