anD thEn i…

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  1. cripple says:

    The whistle


    Suddenly a whistle
    Shrieks out
    Behind a passer-by

    Whose body fills instantly with sawdust
    Like a tree when it feels
    At the edge of the forest
    The saw.

    Even so, says the man to himself, let’s not look round —
    Maybe it’s for somebody else.
    Anyway, let’s have a respite
    Of a few more steps.

    The whistle shrieks
    Again and again
    Behind every passer-by

    They turn purple, yellow, green, red
    And go on walking, stiffened,
    Without turning their heads.
    Maybe it’s for somebody else —
    Each one is thinking —
    What have I done, only
    One war, two wars?
    And tomorrow I’ve the wedding
    And the day after tomorrow my wife will give birth
    In two days time I bury my parents —
    I’ve so much to do, so many things.
    It can’t be for me.

    A child
    Bought himself a whistle
    And went out to try it
    On the boulevard

    Blowing it impishly in people’s ears.

  2. cat says:

    …and then i got amazed again to read something just beautiful!

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