I heard about Dennis when I was searching for an introvert man. Dennis is not a person who kills others with expectations and not really an ordinary. This story is not sketching his life, but it tried to go through the repeated badgering call towards an individual. The ignorance that he met was a sharp double edged dagger without a handle. It first starts like a rain drops and then become a flood to create a mass disaster.

Dennis loves his mother and that affection is not enough for him to know the external form of relationship. So he called a known girl for a date. After accepting his proposal she sat with him and had pizza. And then she invited him to join with her friends. There he found a subtle part that showed him where he is really standing. Different minds could find the indifference in some way or in same way.

This Danish language short film directed by Mads Matthiesen.

Dennis‘ is one of the best short film I’ve seen recently.

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