poWdeR bLuE

Powder blue is falling from the sky.

Charlie’s face shows a smile after a long time.

Rose is sitting near by her son’s breathless body and watching the same blue powder through the window.

Doheny froze and his eyes were became a statue eyes.

Lexus changed his mind and body to say an unexpected goodbye from this world.

The melted candle pinched her skin slowly to tease her sadness. The grip of love slowly tightening her eyes to see another side of her love. Rose is not a rose is not a rose in her quiet and subtle space. She removed her skin in front of ophidian eyes. There she had a day of blooming blood all over her bed and in her bathroom. Justifying her own rules and scary nights with some wolves is not easy enough to explain to some lowbrows. She wore wolves teeth and licks her own skin in front of other wolves again and again and gainful nights that no one ever had.

Charlie kissed his wife and missed her at that exact hour of tight time. He wants to leave his body as soon as from another innocent hand. Charlie met a pink lover who wants to change the sex. That dear had a lover who taught him the meaning of betrayal. The most suspicious part of his life has laughed out by a new relation, a waitress. That waitress been waiting for her real fit to serve love.

Burn a book, collect the bones, carve it to the words. Not a book, its a movie, a visual literature. Some lines are carved these people from this movie was not just happened, but it is happening.

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