cHeF’s cLeF

Such a great honor to greet a person without any invitation and to invite them to share the moment to retain or to create a happy moment. Do we always get an opportunity to compare our happiest moment in our experience? Music what I learned got a lot of individual notations and too much of streets. Damn, running here and there to find the most important chances and to celebrate at the right moment. Here, we go to find the right moment is another task for us to analyze whether the point is in the right direction are not. Then we can run to make-up a still to find an ambiguous points to terminate or to ex-terminate the mutual points. Such a valued points all are mostly earned from the whole activity in any so-called moments. In another way, trying to modify or to replace a structure or to create an unimaginable recreation may suits with an unexpected time to recharge the level of thinking. Thus it calculate the stereo type of possibilities and make it possible with new forms that already caught in an existence. Clear clinches with a rapid manipulation is a new kind to find another street where we can connect the moral hybrids. Through the semi-values, the way which we can connect in a position that can be used as a scratch. Here again the question can be killed by any mediocre answers to regard the unusual or unexpected points. A clean wing doesn’t mean a solution to provide many elements to find another level of thinking and it helps really to discriminate the participation of grand levels. In some supportive area, the values all are having the chance to get ignored and to provide a view of closed-door. The passed out words are not trying to get back to gather another logic with sophisticated stories with little imagination further and farther too. Being at what? Without any confirmation, those points are still finding the way of meaning to deal. The images are all images to exists with another images and the chain is extending to form another images forever. Margin lines are substituted from another image to get the narrow or straight meanings with any kind of broken parts. Appearance clinched with exact hold and hold and it holds and it always holds. The first day image is still continuing in a way which cannot allow to move on into a smooth transition.

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