a vOicE iN nExT rOoM or apHRoDisiaCaL hAirY legS

Trimmed thoughts had the essence to pour more precious options to have an element to construct more symptoms of gorgeousness. Constructing more details to get the structure of thoughtless thoughts, repeated versions and choices are all munching the perfect details. Happy like a monster, monster like happiness. Mammoth details to keep the truth forever in order to gain the wanted profits to maintain the unwanted details on context. A voice next to my room at morning four thirty , heard the voice is imploring for help. Sometimes it is hollering like a child to get help from someone from out or in. Haven’t seen the voice before, Can we see a voice? Is a voice can show one’s face? It is whining for help to get somebodies words and to help the words by words. Voice in next room is laughing to share the humor moment and to get the attention of neighbors, sometimes cried to get help at the time when the owls are searching for grub. Kept my ear on my room wall to hear the details of the voice. Tick-tock is crisp at this moment, its around morning quarter to four. Anybody out there? Judge tone penetrated through the wall. Knock it anyway to follow the tone to hold the voice at a point without any pother. My bed sheet dropped down from the bed by my hairy legs. The room window has opened by a strange hand and my scared eyes followed the details again to admit the crikey. Dim light helped to contact the presence of monstrous caution. Between, between the panic moment pushed the steps to check all the inside rooms to control the affairs. The measuring the lineament of lost things in slow steps. Demanding another voice to exchange own voice to access the original moments. Failed to find the white voice and the strange hand which was forgot to close the window before leaving the room.

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