aPplE kiSseS anD A mAsK

When the supermen and superwomen were flying below the metal mind with their fantasies and compromised lies and truths, memories of the movie “Mask”(1985) activates the retentivity. Liked the each frames in a particular tint and its not overdone. The writer of this movie Anna Hamilton Phelan (remember ‘Girl,Interrupted’?) crafted the story in a way which we can easily enter into the world of Rocky Dennis. His face is not his face but his life, people around him always watching him expecting some kind of cruel jokes and “Oh, no!” kind of look. But beyond his face, he is trying to listen to the beautiful face of love. Yes, he met a girl, but she is blind. He taught her the colors and its names. No one had such a lovely relationship with her before. She touched his face, her fingers felt the crocodile skin. That blind girl tried so much to control her tears and said “bye for now”.

Rocky accepted the truth that its her freedom to leave him anytime.

Once he is shockingly happy when the distorted mirror showed his face as a perfect sketch. The story is not about an individual but the choices of a person who really have the freedom to have anything and finally it became everybody’s choice. This complicated script is not intend to get the fellow feeling, but to line the beauty of relations.

Let see about apple kiss, it is a kiss which consist of milk smell. A kiss can change the values of an idea and the expectation of kiss. Sweating sweet kiss would not allow us to depend the exact meaning or the experience of kiss. Want to smell a kiss, to touch a kiss but we should not hurt it.

Skin is not a kiss, probably it is. Requesting a kiss is not a kiss actually, it is a perception of presence. More we kiss, more we live. Smooching is not a real kiss, kissing-like cannot be find easily by the sound, but by the pressure of lips. By the way, lips are not just a skin. Saved kisses were not saved in Auschwitz, expected kisses were the victims and some are burnt in a forest near by the sea. Kiss my ass is not called as flesh kiss. Flying kisses are noticed in the presence of windlessness. From the emptiness, flying from one cloud to another, Colorless kisses it is.

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