onE dRoP oF liGhT

It is one of the familiar art studio in silicon valley. An artist who tried to find the broken pieces of past and to get the emotions inside the lens. I worked with that  person to get the idea which I can easily grab the essence of it. My friendly cameraman who has the same wavelength to understand the lines of nostalgia. When he worked in Switzerland to record an artist’s life and work, I easily find his way of thinking and imagination and treatment. Learned the first lesson from him to tune the focus ring in a high definition camera. Seeing like a camera is a different world, the images and colors are transforming according to the light. Sometime I used to adjust the light in my mind to see the pictures differently. Changing the exists in a wonderland, a very personal wonderland or utopia through the inner lens. My great expectations and story scripts can be satisfied at least by this lens in future. The formula of lights are changing every pixel of seconds slowly, a very slow process that only a cameraman’s eyes can find out well. I want a dream recorder, to watch my dreams, unconnected images, fast and slow, dark and light, like the images through a wet glass window. A story can be find behind any windows by any story teller. It can be hyperbolized or altered or fantasized or marginalized. My seventy mm dream is growing and the temptation of writing to find new corners and to frame the expressions.


My cameramanator - Did I tell you that he is flexible in work?

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