A chill, a bone chill, deeply penetrated into a deep cut. Sleazy cut but showed a colloidal chilled blood. Chilled veins, a soft water from the hanging bottle near by my white bed. Some white skirt angels touched my forehead, applied my neck. I fumbled towards the white window. Fall and call and kill the chill, forget the pills my bloody bitches. Scheduled calm down time for my chill time again to propose my lusty saliva. The chillness pierced my nights. Chilled terrestrial black bodies moving inside the room. Lick my pus, drink my pus, shake my pus, check the pulse of my pus. Its an extreme fire, moving speeder than the comet. Smelt the crack of space ass and it was chiller than the killer inside my body. The grip of tears loosened from the skull’s hidden eyes. Believed the pieces of mirrors on the floors that shows my chilled dead body. Unshaved pubic hair and white skin became more whiter than the semen. Its my room, a room of one’s own, her bitchy writings on my body. Criticized possibilities are crying on my shoulders to feed words, words and just chilled words.

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