cOnfabUlaTioN anD mAgic salT

“No, its not B major, just D. Now try”, the music traveling in a different tune.

“25,000 ft hole under the earth, a very bountiful romantic society”


“Russians. Brainy rogues. I love them. Don’t stare at me like that. Its true”

“He talks with plants and trees”

“Twist and shout. Hmm. keep talking”

“Not only my friend, but my death. A serious conversation with his music, his hands waving, painting on the air.”

“A music comes out from the instruments”

“No, not from the instruments but from his magical composition that really happened from his genius mind, undoubtedly. Found after along time, his filthy behavior inside me, a teasing puppy on the lap of a bubbly girl.”

“Mozart, my Mozart, every one’s music he is. Demanding beauty from the ill heart, beast of beats.”

“Oh! killing violin and his Lacrimosa. The depth of serious illusion through his fingers that spreads aroma. His music paused the time to create a mystic touch of happiness.”

“Words doesn’t mean listening. its is something, a connectivity, something similar, a hidden misty touch through by thinking”

“You think so! you are lazy to flirt with a girl. the reason is a twist”

“Don’t demand like a Marxists. Indeed. Why can’t you allow me to hide for some days in your basement?”

“Don’t you remember joker’s dialogue?, “If you’re good at something, never do it for free.”

“Wow! charming. grand participation of ideas and words”

“Really expecting you at that time with your two lovers”

“Want me to consider anyone’s piece?”

“An experimental way has to indulge in the exact key”

“Sort down the vernaculars to deflect”

“Oh! the kisses are so smelly. Stop eating onion before you kiss. Damn! you are such a disgusting sweet Satan”

“Cutie, get up. breakfast in bed”

“My love, you are a symbol of idiotism. Come on, kiss my nose, my little magic, my buck. leave me and show me your nothingness.”

“I am going to stop reading this book. First twenty five pages are noetic and poetic.”

“Please continue”

“I was on the steps and this girl looked at me as I am going to rape her”

“What did you say?”

“Are you leaving?”


“She nodded her head”

“Its her elegant mistook”

“Did you tried to smell her hair?”

“An adamant hair, causes fire on my tail, a red philosophy.”

“Heard you thrown your guitar in the sea. Is it true?”


“Is it true? Look, at least try to open all your secrets to me. I really like to help you.”


“Take your time, cry as much as possible. I will be back in a jiffy. We should talk.”

“It was a bright day”


“Brightest day ever, it was a rainy day.”

“Is it a story kind of?”

“‘Was’ is not only a story, ‘Is’ is also a story”

“Would you confront someone who like to stay away from your coffee cup?”

“I want a new set of dress”

“You are a venomous snake. Peel your skin”

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