O bRotheR, wheRe iS thAt beAr?

“It’s so boring, tell me another story”

“There is a big forest”

“Are we walking?”

“You are driving a jeep”

“I will drive”

“No, I will”

“He will, because he is your elder, your will hold a big gun”

“Yay, I got gun, whats the color of the gun, papa?”


“Dok dok dok”

“Ok, listen. You drive the jeep so fast”

“drum drum druuuuuuuuuum…I am the fastest driver in the world”

“yes, yes you are. Suddenly the jeep stops in the middle of the forest without petrol. Now don’t know what to do! A terror sound coming from somewhere in the forest”

“Is it tiger?”

“No, you are wrong. It might be a lion”

“You both were wrong. Its a bear”


“Yes, Bear can smell humans”

“But, I don’t like bear”

“Me too”

“It doesn’t matter what you like, but there is a bear in that forest. You guys are very bravo. So, don’t get panic”

“I am not”

“Me too”

“No, you are younger than me, you should be afraid, am i right papa?”

“No, he is also a brave boy. All are brave people. Listen the story, the bear is almost reached near your place. what will you do?”

“I will run so fast, he can’t run, he is so fat”

“You don’t talk like that on your elder brother, got it?”


“You both were decided to climb on a tree near by”

“But I don’t know to climb!”

“If you believe something, you can do it. You are the first who climb on the tree, then your brother. You reached the top of the tree, but your brother stays still there in the bottom. He couldn’t climb with his big gun”

“I will shoot that bear”

“No, if you shoot, other bears would wake up”

“Hmm, then what should I do?”

“You lay on the floor like a dead person. Bear won’t eat dead bodies.”

“What can I do if the bear change its mind to eat a dead body?”

“Animals can’t change their mind. So you don’t be afraid, Ok?”


“That bear came near by you, smelt your face, it licks your nose, your cheek. You are still controlling your breathe very confidently to escape from that animal. In the same time, he is watching you from the tree and slowly coming down from the tree to grab the gun. But, the bear left the place very soon.”


“Both were walked back to home”

“Thats it?!”

“Oh nooooo. I want that bear, I want big teddy bear”

My younger brother threw the small teddy bear and he started to cry.

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