It was a blue tint, I haven’t seen such a mesmerizing blue tint before. It was a smile, like a smile of a dead person. Well settled, very connected, strongly expressed, in a due, that entered into an animated world. It was a signal,  a sign, a symbol, a melting precaution forever to continue with any kind of kindly hearts. Dandiest fresh water along with blue thrown a smile on the light. It was a gorgeous drop of moment that cannot be recollected by any wizard or a witch or a bitch. The chain of love started to unchain the words without hurting the indirect speech of moving minds. The hot blood has nails to tear its own body to pour the lava through the blind eyes. The blue enthusiasm submerged directly into the correction of washed methods to compose another requiem mass. Intoxicating aroma from the mouth of a flower still feeding acid to those moronic bees in the time of blue evening.bees are into endless sleep and the flowers are into scattering the eggs on the blue field. Eggs are white, juicy, smelly, colloidal, viscous, tasty, hasty, pasty, nasty, chesty, sticky and devilish sexy. Some broken eggs are filtered to realize the siphon off , it flows through my chest, my nipples are debating with the egg yolk, lusty smell inside the eyes of egg whites slowly smooched the belly button, pubic hair started to fall in an unknown expression, the tip of the penis became pink and started to touch the divine parts of sky. Egg rain, each drops sliced the body parts without any poignancy. Nailless fingers scratched the Eggshell of unbroken eggs. The blue eyes were entered into the new meanings that are not standing against any fire walls. Gracious blue covered the spectrum of light and twisted it over the blue field. My blue foot ran like an ant, the eggs are broken under my blue foot and its blue hands strongly uprooted my eyes. Fleshy butt part on the blue field were eaten by the blue teeth of rats. Ill-scented shit of rats are moving as blue clouds to find a black hole to welcome the death. The death has two penis to squirt the semen on the face of fate and meaning. Its smelly, very smelly like an egg yolk. Unknown code of fate not yet translated into any words or images. The changing meanings all are manipulated only to control the meaning of pause. Without any hesitation my blue tongue swallowed the poisonous saliva. Oh! challenging the magpies are the painful moments in that blue field. Lucky with my blind eyes that showed me the ecstasy in each and every death minutes. A song composed somewhere by someone who was nowhere in my world that heard by my rented hearts.

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