puRpLE sHadOwS

Constant smile changes its own colors without any hint, it travels without any destination and that’s the way of words and it always grows. Reading every pixel of great mistakes, it takes a long time to contribute the lost conversation in search of meanings. The fact is as cruel as, as good as, as anything as, wanted to stop the line at any point literally. Opened and closed doors are all seen before we started to see this world with shadows. A poetic corrections are done to recreate and to born again without any expectation but that isn’t as simple as spitting on our own mask.

Both sides are having many sides and sounds, woods are not deep and dark, pictures are very clear like a lipstick kiss, still, still pictures and some motion pictures and some moving meanings and some somethings and then she came into my picture with some vegetables for her kitchen plan. Listening to her happiness, pain, angry for several years without listening her expectations. A cruel corner in me to talk to her only my wishes. Horrible days have shown her the dimensions of living, the fast moves are intend to finish the work sometimes made me sick with fear. Didn’t tried to warn her to take a slow move to move with this hazardous life. Living with her great lover made her life without tears and felt the freedom of thinking to run a family. Didn’t hate her for being nice to me all over her life and that conditional relationship happened because of the only reason of umbilical cord. Nothing to say more about her, but seen more on my reflection that really adopted her affection. Slowly leaving her for my way of living that is really a rude and pathetic steps. The taste that she showed to my tongue is dominating day by day and still she is breathing a typical middle class mind with some admitted beliefs. She again started her daily deeds in the kitchen. Inside the mixie, her innocent fingers caught in between the sharp blades. Slowly without any hesitation the sharp blades cut the second layer of her three fingers. The blood proved its color is red, her eyes were hardly holds the pain and still the blades are grinned at her. After some bloody hospital hours, she told her husband that she can’t go with him to attend her son’s painting exhibition.

In the day of event, she called up her son and wished him, saying, “kid, wish you happy birthday”.

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2 Responses to puRpLE sHadOwS

  1. cripple says:

    how is she doing now…

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