a doG’s dReAM iN hoLy smOkE


Haven’t tried to control the most recalcitrant dogs that are living in a street where my presence was temporarily accepted without any commitment. Voluptuous eyes of those are still unwavering, out of the blue it happens always only to wipe out the semen stains. It is so fragile in the rejected truths to welcome the participation of dead motions. The profound lusty impulses scratches the back bone of deception. Capricious notions are cornered by the dog’s cultured saliva without holding the prescience. Repugnance of secrecy helps to lick its own wounds at midnight along with a conjurer. Without caution, wrath is melting through a small crack of ego to lift the ethical conscience in the same queue to pretend due to fear. The feminine words are getting inside the noisome world of male torso to inquire the fetish part and to ruin his accomplished icky evils.

Judith Beheading Holofernes - This version painted by Caravaggio

The painting ‘Judith Slaying Holofernes’ smooches all over my lusty organ to stay apart from the feeling good imps. His aghast eyes, her ire eyes and the old lady’s wrinkles were classic than Bard of Avon’s more than ten thousand puritanical words. A modernist or a pre-modernist are always reading the same lines of dogma or innocuous platitudes or being a positivist really sometimes creates a panic world to underestimate our own mortal degree without any alibi. The analysis of self-respect, that will drag us to think about the ignorant points of the dog society. Extreme violence is engaged in the ‘inside world’ of every dogs. How many dogs are practicing to deconstruct the delusion of divine? phosphorus waste values are constructed beliefs by the dominant class to command the whole arrangements. There is a way where only we can see with our own vision that really not depends on the cognitive content. Licking its own legs, eating each others vomit, locked organs, wagging tails are in the changing pictures to change the whole picture without a gold ring pierced in navel status. Bow wow,  its noise raining with pus of vicious worms, bow wow, bow is not wow, bow is far away inside our empty molecules to recreate at least a dog’s shadow, that shadow contorted the dog into reversal words to convert black and white words into colors which are not recommended to other dogs. Wordy revolution manipulated the whole possibilities in a smokey house which was constructed in a secret forest. The first lines of the story starts here to enunciate the last line of the story which is not tough anymore to change the color of the plot. The poverty of words are perpetuated all over the blank sheet of dog’s stargaze. Billions of transitive verbs are waving into irregular meanings living like a fearless immigrants. Paranormal lovers are haunted by the broken teeth of dog, hate poets and their loaned words to seduce the imbecile rebels. Dreamless slaves are missing the growing particles and dying cells and seasons of reasons and clever silence and intoxicating tangible measurement.

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