iN aN eMptY sTreeT

A middle aged lady stood in front of me with too much of perfume and too much of (one sec, let me take my pills (head ache (no reason)))……..yeah, too much of shopping bags in her two hands. Wait, No, she had four hands including her husband’s hands (?). He looks like a flat marble face with some textures on it, his belly has the choice to tear his pants at anytime.

How can I enter inside the book store?, my ‘Excuse me” would not sounds like ‘Request’, I have such a smooth tone in my voice. They were both blocking the door step. I said, ‘Excuse me’, They stared at me like an animal which is going to attack its power lunch. Unwantedly ‘Husband’ creature adjusted his goggle. Actually, there is no ‘second time’ for me, even I don’t respect second thoughts or second coming too. So how can I repeat ‘Excuse  me’?! (oops! I wrote it thrice!).

When they moved their body luggage, straightly I walked towards ‘fiction’ section. Where is it? There was an old lady standing and guiding people to find their books. ‘Excuse me’ (damn!), Could you please help me to get ‘The Naked Lunch’?. She gave me ‘that look’, then, with ‘Yeah! sure’ her fingers searched the shelves. ‘Here it is, we have one copy. This is for you’, she laughed (really laughed). Then she threw a line on me, ‘You got a weird taste’. Anyone can guess my facial expression for that line.

‘Have you read Milan Kundera?’.

Without any hesitation I said, ‘No’.

She continued with ‘Doris Lessing’, ‘ Khaled Hosseini’, ‘Manuel Puig’, ‘Jerzy Kosiński’, ‘Umberto Eco’, ‘Cormac McCarthy’, ‘Orhan Pamuk’,…Have you read ‘The Enchantress of Florence’? If you are not, you should read’.

She stopped her list at a point.

I told her, ‘Thank you so much. I’ve already read some of them from your list. And I am a book reader, not a book worm’.

She participated in my laugh.

“Excuse me, Could you please help me to find “Chicken Kabab recipe”?, a kitchen voice behind her.

She gave me a ‘Bye’ smile and went with the Chicken Kabab.

I left from that building with three books in my jute bag and holding her ‘List’ in my mind.

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