a shORt storY abOuT kiTtenS

Yesterday Kaushik stole my stamp collection notebook. I have collected only twenty countries. Qatar and Brazil are very tough to get. Sindhu have more collections. We are studying in fifth standard ‘B’ section, it’s in the second floor. We exchange stamps and chocolates. She is a good girl. She always says, “Hi, Rama” with a smile. Her father is a teacher in some other school. Kaushik is a bad boy. He always come to fight with me. He call me fat boy. I hate him. I don’t share chocolates with him. Sindhu, Kumar, Arjun, Shanthi, Preethi, Vaishali, Srimathi, Arjun, Kiran, Umesh, Manohar, Sreepriya, Sowmiya, Ranjitha, Murugan, Fazil, Lakshmi, Namrata, Dharshini, Raja all are my best friends. We danced in school day celebration with white and yellow dress. Sindhu pinched my cheek. It was very painful. She said, “I am sorry”. I smiled at her. She shared her lunch with me. She is non-vegetarian. I am vegetarian. So she share only vegetarian food. She is a good friend in my school.

I Know Kaushik stole my stamp collection book. I told to one of my friend Arjun. He told me that Kaushik was searching my bag during lunch time. I went to my home to have lunch in my red color BSA bicycle. I lost my stamp collection. I felt to cry. Last week I showed to my father. He said, “Good”. I told him all the names of countries.

I told to Sindhu. She asked me not to fight with Kaushik. She shared some of her stamps to me. Only England, India, Denmark and Kenya. I thanked her. Tonight I started to count my stamps. Tomorrow I want to give this stamp book to Sindhu. You know? Tomorrow is her birthday.

Sindhu didn’t come to school today. Nobody knows. I and Arjun planned to go to her home. I know her home. Go straight from Bharathi park and take right road, there is a big statue of someone, go straight and take a right, fifth street, first house. Her house is in yellow color. Two windows at the right side of the house. In her house, two kittens are living. One is black and another one is brown. So cute kittens.

After the second bell, I and Arjun started to go to Sindhu’s house. Arjun rides bicycle so faster than me. We reached her house. Her house is locked. Arjun told me that they might have gone to temple. We are waiting here for forty five minutes. They didn’t come. Then I decided to keep her birthday gift near the door step. So she can notice it very easily. Arjun told me it is a good idea. I kept it near the door step.

Sindhu didn’t come to school for one week.

I decided to go to her house alone this time. After the second bell, I started to go to her house. I ride my bicycle very slowly. I am thinking about the gift. I am standing in front of her house now. I couldn’t see the gift. It is missing. Has she come? Where has she gone? Will she come back to school tomorrow? She might come, so I have bought her favorite two rupees chocolate. When I turned my bicycle to go back, I heard the sound of kittens.

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2 Responses to a shORt storY abOuT kiTtenS

  1. Cat says:

    Very nice! Seems a story from childhood!

  2. Rama says:

    Recorded images has its own sense of preservation.

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