mR. and mRs. cURt

“Don’t touch me”


“I am ugly”

“Who said?”




Her cheek became reddish when he pinched her cheek.


“I will”

He did it again.

“I hate you”



He caresses her blonde hair.

“I hate you”, He said to her.

“Don’t lie”

“So, are we both liars?”, He smiled.

She tried to control her laugh. But he noticed that dramatic expression.



“Angels have to smile”

“Man! You can’t seduce me”

“I know”


“Am i?”

“A cretin wizard”

“Yeah, I lost my magic wand”


“Somewhere in you”


“Let it be”

“Not impressed”

“Impressions are illusions”

“Am I?”

“You are a bonnie lie”

“Not impressed again”

“Need lies sometimes”

“Political errors in you”

He sipped some wine.

“Slaves they are”, He said.

“You made them”

“They are like to be”

“You are a leach”

“Its politics”

He finished the wine.

“False construction”, She added.

“History is made up of….

“STOP IT”, She shouted on him before finishing his line.

“Don’t cover up”, She continued.

“Kid”, He teased her.

“I am not anymore”

“Come to earth”


“We can’t”


“Only way to stay alive”

“Kill me”


“Yes, I am”



When he tried to hug her, she pushed him away.

“Now what”

“Do you love me?”

“I like to. But…”

“Are we in different corners?”




” I am not a serial killer”

“You are more than that”


“A prisoner”




“For your desires”

“We are”


“I am dying baby”

She stared at his eyes and noticed the honest. Haunting untold lines were got to understood being untold. Sudden loneliness sparkled at their nights.

The limpidity of rational fantasm scared everyone, not really, made me to make me again and again. Still the dust of memories are becoming the reason for unreasonable tears. Chafing waited hours, sudated palms, died roses. Like a restless elephant legs, like a ruined ramparts, mind trapped inside a silent conversation.

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