TErRA iNcOgnITa – II

Flesh, deep and very deep flesh, made up of flesh, making another flesh. My dear flesh, flesh, flesh and my flesh. How many fleshes that we created and destroyed? Slicing it in an narrow line up to the end line of sky. Sky full of fleshes, smiling, crying, teasing, babbling, whining, laughing, smooching, hugging, fucking, sucking, puking, bucking. My dear flesh, how many are you in me? How many layers have you got? How many rules you have? My dear flesh, kill this flesh, fleshy flesh, deep and very deep flesh. Don’t pay the bills, chill my flesh, bloody flesh. Endless fleshy words all over the fleshy land, fleshy people, fleshy flowers, fleshy lovers, fleshy lips, fleshy breast, fleshy penis, fleshy vagina, fleshy ass, fleshy tears, our fleshy mother, our fleshy father, fleshy friends, fleshy gods. Leave me to stay alive inside a fleshy thorn, walking with blood promises, bursting veins, sounds in my ear, my nose vomiting fleshy fresh blood. Fresh, very fresh, smelling divine blood from my flesh. Don’t leave me to live in my thick flesh, mother kissed my fleshy cheek, once a girl kissed in my fleshy picture, shoulder man stabbed a dagger on my fleshy body, mob kissed on my fleshy brain with some bullets. My dear flesh, show my flesh, teach me to flush my fleshy thoughts. How many fleshes have been folded in me? A smiley touches, cold kisses, seasonal deaths are sustained, suspended, smashed on another sides of side. Dear, my dear, Dearest dear, ghosty dear, dears all are gone, somewhere in fleshy island. Tough and touchy fleshy roads to nowhere, destination, designation, demolished castle, unfathomed holes, dead cat’s fleshy body pouring pus on the wall. Painted wall, colorless paints, watching the smile of picture with smile less fleshy face. Again the fake cells were started the like war to hit my soul. Symptoms of sign and symbolism tried to chop the long root of inauspicious roots. Dear, your dear, dearest of your dears, dears all are in you, somewhere in drastic, more emphatic, greatest robust, hidden racy fingers at the door lock. Greenish thud in the wrist, a minor channel drags my breathe towards an enceinte space. Smell it, spell it, make a shell on it, a vivid colors on it, said words are the hate is glorious. Curvy colors serves an illusion in between dark clouds, sending nauseating requests. How many requests are sent and received from the cockroach antennas? Its dark, darker and darkest part of dark which is darker than darkest dark. Tight expressions, squirting milk, bunch of nipples on the shadow’s breast. Sweating lips hits the door, a divine light hits the clouds to taste the persistence stories. Our sky, infantile sky, destitute sky, fly without feathers, a sky for us, fly along with the stolen children. Their smile, raindrop smile, suave smile, caressing smile, secret smile, nude smile, polyglot smile, Jewish smile, Nazi smile and unknown smiles are shining inside a silence. platitude secrets are slowly melting inside a deep silence forever.

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One Response to TErRA iNcOgnITa – II

  1. coil says:

    dont mind me persistence.

    Stabbing fish.dying fish.flying fish. fishy fish.Something is fishy here.Something stinks.Someone lies and hides amongst these fish.Slimy fish whining fish they drown, these fish.forgetting age old remedies. we are composed of these fish. we are the fissures in the history of these fish . the helen of troy we are. excuses and tantrums. Something is missing here a link is broken. Someone is dying here. I humor these fish
    happy in their fissures these fish are drying. smack some sauce and dig into omega-3 our ancestors these fish the composites of us. Kill the fish I say bleed the fish
    as the wound in your hand so the neck of these fish taunt the fish haunt the fish. in scary tunnels and dams stalk the fish. save the fish. From themselves.tape the fish.catalogue it. barcode the fish. wrap them in plastic.Fish-marketize the fish.These fish are fleshy too a different kind. Tell me ur BMI. It doesnt matter. It will swim this fish. Bermuda triangle is wearing its robes it will call to the sound of missing bones.I f missing tunes it will ravish the fish the gills of the fish move. cut the fish. slice the fish feed the fish. feed me feed me the fish. count the fish. 9.8.6. purge it I dont want to be fat. Feel the vomit on my neck on my tongue. 90 times i puke the fish .I reduce the fish. It is a symptom of my depression this fish it is a symbol of my suppression the fish .Nonsense fish i took 4 and made it 8 this fish I wallow in this fish as it swallows me. I ask its forgiveness and it forgets me. it is my fish it is your fish Then why do they take it. Why does he and why does she love this, this fish. A raving beauty it is complete with scales it shines. IN the sun. perish the fish . It is a hopeless curve of a china cup. ming cup mingle with dirt. Speak fish. Talking fish. a walking stick fish.in ivory. priceless price-less i paid 18 rupees and 5 pice.I hold the fish
    and then i let it jump
    it swallows the ring
    it dies on another table
    cheating fish
    fleeting fish
    my dear forgotten

    too tempting this analysis.
    i hope i can comment.

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