When I started to forget Ennio Morricone’s ‘Nuovo Cinema Paradiso’ one of the theme music called Runaway, Search And Return has been used a bit in an Indian movie by recent ‘Oscar winner’, my mind slowly tuned up in another direction to reduce my blood pressure. Some of the original score of this ‘winner’ is being copied by outsiders too. Thinking about this ‘copy-paste’ music culture, nothing to say, can’t help it.

Started to research on reasonless instant biography, quotes of their greats!, years and dates, and slaves had submitted a good reason for ruining the whole field. They shouted and their sound was and is more louder than supersonic aircraft( exceeds Mach 1). In that sound, tears of a red light bird’s feathers were lost somewhere and divine light leased for non-backbone colorful creatures. A time waiting for them anxiously to vanish them forever from the field.

By the way, I really appreciate this sane article.

Like to share, recently watched, ‘The Station Agent‘ by Thomas McCarthy. Three different tracks of life intersects at a point. A subtle sarcasm, solitude, ambiguous relationship, privacy, silence slowly moving along with all main characters. Everyone need someone to feel the heights of love. Two people reached that level from a person who is very short(dwarf).

And another movie, ‘The Visitor‘ by the same director. This movie got lots of things to discuss about a sympathetic American professor who is trying to pretend to be busy, immigration, government, American police administration, detention, burgeoning love. Its not a vivid experience for an outsider who is living in another country for survival. Through this movie, I came to know about ‘Fela Kuti’ and started to listen to him too.

Rest In Peace – Merce Cunningham

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