wHEN ice CreAM bURNs…

“I watched your performance last Saturday”

“Gosh! but you said you are not coming! So why don’t you meet me? huh? you are a paranoid.”

He smiled at her.

He asked, “What happened to your performance?”

“You too noticed! oops! smart people around me!”, She faked the line.

She continued, “I hate this ice cream. When I was in Dubai I had Pistachio ice cream. I called it as heaven”

“What happened?”

She stirred the ice cream by the spoon.

“Stage, Spotlights, applauses, dialogues, faces, lots of faces in front me. I dreamt last night and many times, repeated dreams. Faces, faces, faces. All those faces were staring at me, laughing at me, crying faces too, spat on me, hugging faces, kissing faces. I am tired.”

He holds her hand and felt that her fingers are so warm.


“I was planned to write a book, But I stopped writing after few pages. It was so boring. Then I thought to work with children, it’s not a bad idea. I want to be a kid along with kids. I like to learn their language to play with them and to teach them. I’m going to join in a Montessori next month, need this change very badly. And I decided not to meet you for six months. ”

After a pause,  she added, “Can you understand me?”

“I would like to understand it later”, He answered without plethora expression.

“Mom called me yesterday”, She said.


“She started the same story on the phone. She always insists me to go there. I hate someone insisting me”


“What Hmm? Ok. Let me change the topic, How was my acting as Salome?”

“Salome! You want me to be honest?

“I know you. You are a bad actor to judge the well performance. Go ahead, I’m curious”

“Sweetheart, You are lacking with libidinous expressions. Salome’s eyes are tender than nights, her shyness are reddish than ruby, she walks like a wolf, her laugh jangles like thunder, her lips shows ferocious lust, her hair shows the intense love and furious, her body have the vigorous power to drag any men. She tried to pull Jokanaan, her seductive voice is lighter than air. These are characteristics of Salome.”

She stared at him for some seconds.

“Thank you. I should learn more about body language”, She is delighted.

“I will give you the Allemande version. Check Catherine Malfitano performance.”

She nodded.

He thought that she is accumulating reasons to get out from her life. He left her alone a long time ago, her life is not much different than his life. As a fast learner, she widen her knowledge without him later. Traveling is the most wanted part for her and went to many places in the world. She returned to home with flowers and wounds. But those are just short stories for her.

“I wrote ‘The Virgin delusion’ in a magazine”

“I read that. An exhaustive treatment of human mind”, He said.

“Many anonymous mails said that the virginity is only for vagina but not for penis. I laughed like anything after reading those puke”

This time they laughed together.

“Their arguments are totally otiose”

“No choice for us sweetie. We should overcome this philistine culture and they are not yet realized that an artist’s anger is more dangerous and powerful than the authoritarian”

“They will not change. I started to training myself to avoid them. An art of ignorance”, She smiled with pain.

“I am remembering a movie dialogue, “Punishment means nothing to them, you can see that. They enjoy their so-called punishment”.

“Their punishments in their own deeds”, He added.


She ordered another ice cream only for her.

“Sometimes our hobbies are becoming our profession. Teaching kids is my selfish, to control my stress. But later it might become my profession.”

“Chances are there”

“Thank you for showing my space”

“You are my lovely daughter”

“Thank you dad”

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