If men waxed his chest, why there is an extraneous view of gay? Bunch of radical feminists’ squirts through their platitudes, but there are reasons to hold for them. I doubted me as a feminist. A pinch of realization made me to realize, yes, I am. Really, never tried to divert my eyes from watching cleavages, belly button, strong thighs, chubby cheek, slight deodorant, wet lips, untied hair, nose ring, and nipple slip …OK, let me stop here. Do you think I have several points to build a great wall around the human mistakes? Developed and developing governments are not intending to concern about it, at least not for the condom sale. Would the condom become to protect the feminism? I don’t think so. But the post colonial feminist ideas couldn’t overcome the racial discrimination till now. And hate to believe that there is a difference in Asian and European feminism. Doesn’t that mean the Europe feminist got the moxie to have sex before and after lunch? Don’t tell to fuck off to mob who are thinking about the continental behavior, but they do anyway. In a typical Indian movie, a male character takes revenge on a girl by ravishment, it happens in most of the movies. I accept I had desperately watched such scenes (excluding ‘Irresistible’, Its shown as a powerful art of violence). Let me ask you something, If that revenge is on a guy, will he act as a queer?

I noticed the thoughts of some women literally hating men than their monthly dues, its misandry. Feminist soldiers not standing with Arsenal P-M02 against women prostitution, because there is gigolo too, this one reason satisfies the equal rights. GREAT! Uplifting desires are becoming rotten and outdated from our minds to reconsider the exact measurement of “Thinking”. Remember Sarah Palin? In the time of American election, the ‘So Hot’ spotlight fell on her. Each and every election statements from her became a bad political joke. Lady, Miss Congeniality aren’t enough to act as a politician. As a feminist, I thought its good for her to go back to teach swimming lesson for kids. Not really a bad idea. One more, most celebrated tennis player in India, no magazines or newspapers are not interested to publish their editions without focusing the lens towards her thighs and armpit stink. Some so called feminists thought to shout, “You all are itched morons”, but no one. We can’t think about feminism without body politics. That’s the way it works. My ‘Muaah’ to Sister Suffragettes!

Why I uploaded the above picture? What does it mean? Is there any hidden message? I am finding the buried answers in me.

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One Response to oH!reALLY!

  1. curl says:

    What i speak abt i suppose was dis confusion of clashin well intentioned notions…dis clash of several thoughts n d prejudices within prejudices…men waxing der chest is not a social obligation, but personally speaking it is not wrong at all i merely contemplate on why…to dissociate the other from the self..if you understand…i realize ur detest 4 my pov far exceeds my vocab 🙂 perhaps ur understandin of me is more dan mine of self (forgive d rationalising) yes there r various contexts in feminism 4m cultural racial n class differences 2 d differences in schools of thought n a certain feminist view wud lead to a misandry view…i suppose dat is why deconstruction is at d crux of any theory…u c body politics has played a v imp role in d development of feminist thought i do not think fetishing as such is wrong it is a product of our lust n consumer ideas…but is it fair 2 label fat tissues as sexual objects wen dey play no further role dan a squeeze n a tuck. face d fact dat sania is sania n saina is not is bcuz of d biological diff.
    again i am only an attempt 4 fair rather dan some1 askin 4 a certain right of a certain section. and d post a skewed deconstruction…
    not dat u wana knw bt m goin waxing…

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