A light hidden inside a rude dark that swallowed three half blades along with postnatal depression. The swollen blades are laughing from its circle to pump the blood through the crack of wrist. Each cells are in the body chasing the universe to find an unknown land.  Pain in the nostril which harassed and restricted the air inside the emptiness. Light’s eyes were pulled toward the forehead to show the blur pictures with some adequate reasons. The sweating reasons read by the light to burn it for no designs. The beauteous pains were kissed all over the head and drilled with sharp smiles. The pure sunshine made the eyes wet to vomit all the expectations. Worms are moving with its own body to drink the bloody blood. The aroma of blood trapped inside a glass box full of Colubrids. It tried to swallow the aroma which has midget queens in torn feathers. The Saliva theories were flown away from the earth after a holy death, contributed emotions were crushed by sharp teeth of vampires, golden palace drained by god’s excrement, strings of music wipes the tears of the holy mountain, vexing lust in the mask of love, crying magical nights were eaten by the gray wolves. Mothers who came from the black hole learnt to write another short stories on felo-de-se with heaven lots of intricacy. Their tepid words were smooched by anonymous lips which helped to change their peccable soul as a divine cow.

Quipsters changed their disguise masks inside green room for another round of performance to make the herd to laugh with one liner jokes. After the performance, the herd clapped with their inferior hands and walked away with insufferable minds without noticing a girl who is crying thinking about her drunken father, her boyfriend who betrayed after tasting her vagina, her mother who insists her to sell her body. This earth revolves still in the philosophy of ‘nothing else matters’. Sunshine on shit, squeezed flower petals, torn trousers cleaning tables, tears of panders, genocide, an artist in poverty, globalism, single leaf, who cares? Write about sunshine on flowers, bubbly children cute smile, intellectual artist, gorgeous lesbians, handsome homos, Teflon ice cream conversation on patriotism, one day run for street children,  termite eaten so called holy books, this author is better than that author, your stubborn kid, to cook jack fruit curry, expensive underwear and commode. Platform meanings are more than less to deal with deceptions and their inferior elitists have two faces to derive only the context to deconstruct by its own. The specifications continuous through alley to challenge the specified bespeak. Written points in the picture of moue to explicit the variations. Substantial hiatus increases in global enslavement. Actualization of secret society still exists inside the mouth of white cat which grown up in a dark cemetery. The cat knew the smile of corpses and tastes. Alice like colonial kids kept quiet in that infinite space with the cat and still pretends in their wonderland for no reasons. Let the costly idiots celebrate sesquicentennial with the kids.

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2 Responses to TErRA iNcOgnITa

  1. curl says:

    nothing does matter.
    do you believe in escapism?

  2. Rama says:

    Yes. I do believe.

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