iS anyBODY OuT theRE?

In hospitals, not only the smell, but also expressions across different emotions. Roaming whites, nurses with trays, “can you please”-requests, playing kids, a dramatic smile for patients from their relatives. How many people have stayed in hospital for more than a month as a patient or with one? Hospital is a different planet altogether. An entire building filled up with great expectations regarding the coming days. A patient’s ultimate ambition is to come outside from that white building without any more pain.

“How do you feel sir?”

“Yeah, a bit better”. A minimal smile on his face.

Again he, “Can you please open the wardrobe? There some tablets, yeah that one orange color. Thank you”

I searched for the person who is staying with this patient. Then I was shocked to find that this patient was a mind reader.

“He is there in the reception. Today is the final match”.

He showed the same minimal smile. But this time with a subtle pain in his face.

“do you want anything?”

“No thanks”

“Ok, see you”

I left the room.

A Huge crowd was in the reception.

“Can you please increase the sound?”


Attender was increasing the sound, inside that box; a man was throwing a ball, another man hitting it with a wooden stick. The ball flew far away from the campus. Every body is shouting with useless smiley faces.

It’s the main botheration.

Nobody wants to think out of THAT box.

Hunter Campbell “Patch” Adams , a legend who believes the health of an individual cannot be separated from the health of the family, community, and the world.

Living with bitter medicine is far better than living with bitter relations.

We can relate our self with anything. Being with Silence or noise. Our choices all are our weakness and strength. Our speed will increase our choices more. That’s the way it works. There are no backups for our unexplained hidden faces. Finding our own realism is an art of being divine. Earning time to use our skills, smartness, innovation and intellectual pursuits are a kind of idea for staying alive.

Living is not merely breathing.

If some people expect others with a circular Fluorescent Tube Light (or Laxman Sylvania-tube Light… is quite an old brand) above his/her head to change their lives, it’s fine. Let them live in their beliefs.

Truth is divine and disgusting too.

A relativity theory on Kindness.

The seekers, looking outside and screaming inside “Is anybody out there?”

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