OucH! mY tonGuE!

Today, it’s the second time, I bite my tongue. Sometimes I wonder about the ironic form of my own life (life?). Blood? No blood, only my saliva like flood (what a rhyming!). Yeah, then what happened? My face seems like anaconda’s smaller version. It happens!

Recently, I went to Chennai after a loooooooooooong time. I ate unlimited dust, hot tight hug by sun, more over noticed usual angry young man posters, demandable auto rickshaws, carbon dioxide gas filled buses, urine painted street walls, roadside circus, beach side tired condoms, painted foreheads, low-hip jeans modernists, “Don’t see my bottom” T-shirts, coffee shop puppies, roadside minimal smile “Lip-sticks”, clapping “Pains”, “Wassup dude?” English peters, “Aiyya vanakkam” Tamil peters, and big-mouth dhotis, huff.

Chennai still Chennai.

“Rama, is there any impressive stuffs over there?”

“Yeah, will consider telling those later”

I stayed there for two days. It was the anniversary function of a literary monthly magazine and also gave my attendance to a cousin’s wedding. I bought some books and searched some DVDs. Killed my amigo brother’s time with some advices and suggestions on his career. The anniversary and the wedding function seem similar count for me. Contradictory views of mind evade accepting the facts of life. Tried like a child to hide the face in fear and shy. In both functions, I felt everybody’s mind hooked up with the bedlam colors. One is to recover the past and other for the future. I am loathed to brief about the “happened”.

THE END result is FINE.

Still sweating doubts creeping our noetic or poetic muse. Always felt an oxymoron in relationship connectivity. With toothbrush, torn jeans, low or high hip tucks, Ugly and gorgeous pimple faces, smile or smile ‘like’ expressions, colorful black and white thoughts, remembering the forgotten and  holding the separations. I am not surprised too. But the surprises all are very cliched to be notice. Tired to listen to them always.

I too realized that we can’t move our steps without hitting the air. Can we?

what? you said something? my tongue? yeah its fine…thanks for asking. I will watch my tongue and you watch yours.

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