hiT tHE roAD JacK

Actually the point, you know…hmmm…I decided to obey our great constitutional laws. Mainly to obey the traffic laws. I am controlled by RGB colors in my work. But the road traffic is controlled by RGY colors. Personally, I love black and white. Ok, let’s come to the joints of the points.

I decided to stop exactly on the stop line. Not even one pixel more. Our traffic police ‘sir’ will be there to catch the poor bikers. I was totally confused if our traffic signal lights were really working or not. I had an experience where a green signal blinked for two road ways!!! (I am not going to mention where and when). People had escaped from a big Hollywood action scene. Nothing major happened. Later I consoled myself by saying, “it’s your hallucination dude”. Somebody told me, “Nothing is right in your left brain, nothing is left in your right brain”. So I went to a doctor, he told me that I am suffering from “cerebralamoniathynamiathularapuppychubbyphobiacoffiteniasyndrome”. I believed!

Have you guys paid any road penalties? Yeah! Yeah! I paid penalty to my dear friend (traffic police), only once and I am proud of it. That was a mistake. I was not aware that it was a one way. There is no “No Entry” board. There is a mega competition going around turning over the road laws in between Lorry and auto guys. No professional stuntman can do such a terrible circus show. I saw many atrocious accidents in front of me in the road life, only because of them. But we need to see the other side of them psychologically. They need to reach their place at the right time.

Forget about them, haven’t you seen the poor pizza delivers? Michael Schumacher is nothing for nothing. We have no idea whom to blame…right? Let me reveal the truth, there are some people to blame. They are the “Pizza Customers”.

“Hello! Is it pizza hut?”


“You know….need 5 non-veg pizzas and 5 veg-pizzas with more garlic and onion and pepper and lime and whatever the special tasty powder you have. Can you please deliver it as soon as possible? This is the address”

“Sure. Thanks for the order”

Can you please read this conversation again? The point is “As soon as possible” from the customer. Only for these words, some unemployed people regrettably taking risk in his life to deliver pizza. For just one bite of pizza we are all unknowingly put somebody’s life in risk. Sometime they don’t obey the traffic signals in order to avoid the fire from their boss. So, people can start to ask, “Can you ask the delivery boy to come slowly in the vehicle. I have no plans right now to go to heaven after eating the pizza. Can you do that please? Thanks”. The boss can understand us, because he is the boss.

One day, after finishing two unlimited full meals and a full cup of black coffee alone in the Kairali Restaurant, I start my avenger to see someone to ruin their day happily. I stopped in a traffic junction. The same damn red light! Next to me, there was a car, not the one lakh car. Waiting, waiting, waiting…come on green, come on. I felt that the car was heading towards the road. But I can see the red light still. No, definitely this time it’s not my hallucination. I pinched my self. So then I decided to go along with that car. I crossed the stop line and flew away from that place like a bird.

Then I sang the song of the legendry singer Ray Charles,

“Hit the road Jack and don’t you come back no more, no more, no more, no more…Hit the road Jack”.

OOPS, I forgot to say something…

The car, “Government Higher Official Car”

The day, “Republic Day”


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