kINds oF poEMs

Lean poem, Slim poem, Fat poem, Extra-fat poem, Duct poem, Medulla poem, Whiskers poem, Cholesterol poem, Estrogen poem, Testosterone poem, Itchy poem, Pus poem, Sunbath poem, Sucralose poem, White-Red-Black dressed God poem, Reveilo poem, Tubelight poem, AK-47 poem, Post-modern poem, Post-office poem, Exhibitionist poem, Afternoon poem, Midnight poem, Pizza poem, His poem, Her poem, Their poem, That poem, This poem, …

(I know i missed out a lot).

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2 Responses to kINds oF poEMs

  1. Anonymous says:

    my poem…u forgot the most important bit…

  2. Anonymous says:

    btw dis is curlslashed

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