baD Guy

I totally agree with ‘Elfriede Jelinek‘, “When I write, I have always tried to be on the side of the weak. The side of the powerful is not literature’s side”.

She is cruel to be honest, I am bemused of her cruelness. On the way, I heard about Ki-duk Kim. This Korean guy always visualizing the subaltern lives. The reason is more than enough to drag me towards him to listen. The detailed script that will not miss to collide with our emotions. He is constructing the points that are more elusive and verboten. His ‘Bad guy’ presents the reality of two lives. Every deep unknown place has its own space which can’t be described by dialogues. Tears and laughs pinches our hearts and their world has the untold, unheard, unseen wound marks which are still yellowish, sticky and wet. Kim realized that only a creation have the mature to express, but he is not a man of affairs to showcase them. His language is distinctly visual, hence anyone can watch his movies without subtitles.

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