“You have not convinced me”

It’s the thirteenth floor of that building in Bangalore. Lots of people around us are eating their time with plates and conversation.

I sat in front of her like a goat.

“Corrupted ideas and sometimes its tempting”, she slapped me again.

“I am not a postman to convey message”, mine is now in tight voice.

She didn’t allow me to finish. She continued.

“An abstract expression always. Are you going to change yourself? Emphatically not!”

She inhales some white flames deep inside her lung. She is relaxed.

I mutter some jokes unwantedly. She laughed officially.

Then we have Digestifs and mushroom.

Hot wind choked our faces.

“Will you please switch off your mobiles?”

“No ways” she laughed this time unofficially.

We had a lot of conversations; No, lines of reasoning!

“You know? I like arguments”

“Me too, but not at all the time”

She burned the head of another cigarette.

She detailed her future plans. I do too.

Somebody pinged her in between.

A pale blue skin covered our conversation. Haunting unexplained reasons dominated our egoisms. We tried to form an irenic place in our minds.
We played with words to avoid hurting each other.

“Have you seen this movie ‘Through the Olive Trees’?” , I offered her a DVD.

She received from me.

“No, But I will see it. Thank you”

I smiled.

“I have to leave at 6.30 from Bangalore”

We left our tables.

“I’d like to jump from here”

She continued, “I like heights. I used to go for bungee jumping. It’s thrilling”

“Yeah, yeah.Me too”, I said.

Very cliched!

I thought of myself as a moron. I walked away from that place with her, like a goat again.

“See you”

“See you, take care”

When I was writing this piece, I heard a horrible noise outside my room. I saw the rain having wild sex with the trees. Terrible wind laughed at me. This scene disturbs the layers of my imagination. I went back inside and saw the rain through my bed room window. I  saw the fetish situation through the thunder light.

Later, I slept with a question, How can I convince each and every mind in my life?

I heard the horrible noise of rain in my dreams.

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One Response to labBYrinTH

  1. Manikiruban says:

    It is no that you alone walked behind her like a goat. In this world all 99.99% of the human life walk behind someone like a sheep for some reason. Some walk behind due to fear, some due to show out, and each one have their own reason. The remaining 0.01% human are those who are the real beings of the world. That is they for themselves………..

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