a MISSive


Trying to conceive so much more than I can handle. May I ask? What made you write Reductionism? Not that I could understand all of it. But every time I read something of yours its like I’ve had a whiff of hot weed mixed in a soothing breeze. Its a big contrast as we walk down your perception of things.

Is this all really you?

PS: Stupid question but accept it we are way too curious than we should be.

PPS: I have heard and still hear people ask me the above Question after they see my blog. Now I know why. You can choose to answer or not answer to my curiosity though

Ruthless Knife



Yes, It’s me.

Our composite parts are linked up with a single twine which can dissect at any pixel of time. If we try to connect them with minds around us, it will lead us to a liberal modernism. (OOPS! trust me, i am not giving any lecture! :)). We all are having closure possibilities to hate or love someone after understanding him/her, like, walking in the edge. Indeed, it could happen in a  lack of observation too. The sagacious state of mind has been used mostly for self-defense. Analytic thinking might help us to inferring with our expectations. The inconsistency in our emotions always made me to turn around and babble out.

The predefined methodology and noesis will change randomly as per our picks, like your We have our own ways of doing it.

And moreover, there are no stupid questions, but only stupid answers. (like mine?!!)

Words are nothing but a music. But we can’t trap a music in words, if we do, it’s just an outline.

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2 Responses to a MISSive

  1. Knife says:

    Thanks Rama for taking the time to answer to my silly queries 🙂

    Most of the things went over my head, but I really appreciate your PASSION !These thoughts are out-of-this -world for me (pardon my ignorance) ,but extremely glad to be exposed to YET ANOTHER WAY of communication and self-expression.

  2. Knife says:

    And oh I just noticed. Indeed I am one of the other *PLANETS*

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