ReDUCTIOnISM and aPPam recipe

“How many types of Hugs?”

“Two types. red rabbit hug, white furry bear hug”

“Could you please explain bear hug?”

“Bears love honey I think that’s sweet hug, honey hug”

“But bear is not honey, you missed that”

“If we are what we love?”

“Don’t just drag some unwanted bullshit”

“You are talking like my mother, this is how she ends her arguments”

“You answer me, why did you pull the love ideology? linked to a bear, honey and love…huh?”

“You bear with the honey you love”

This time she smiled with this answer.

“So, do I have white furry love? Why did you chose white fur?”

“Rabbit reminds me of white fur”

“I am a nigger, are you gonna hate me for that”

“Do you dissect all? ah! that is what leads to this!”

“I want to intersect with you”

“White are your words”

“Answer me, do u really think my words are white? I thought its red! how white is better than red?”

“Coffee is getting cold”, she moved the cup nearer to him.

“Why? do u think your fucking culture is hanging on your shoulder? so called virgin culture”, his question came with choler.

“You think my affection hangs on whether I like your arms or your skin and yes my culture would rather be fucking than virgin”

“OK, indeed. we are in thick skin. My arms are not the representative for a culture, its not like a third-rate theatre people hug. Its a baby hug, cute, smooth, soothing hug without harassing your body”

“I will hug you when I am sad, it shows you I need you”

Suddenly she pauses and added, “I am sorry, I am tired of minding language”

“Kitty! sometimes I missed your hug and prefer to fuck. Is it normal?”

“Hug is the cutest thing than fuck, orgasm is difference, I prefer mental orgasm in hug”

“I think it’s a meal course difference. but fuck is red so hug is orange. fuck is blood and breaking hymen”

“Fuck is like a fart as you can release it in a particular time I meant. but the breath air is different, it’s like a hug”

“Fart without sound?”

“An ass with silencer!”

They ordered another cup of coffee.

“Razao, Razao, Razao”

“Like my name?”

“It’s so nearer to my mind”

“Mola! Will you be with me”

“I can’t, I fear a lot like an insect. It’s a cockroach, my ancestral cockroach, millions of years old, the oldest living creature”

“Have you read Kafka’s Metamorphosis?”


“Never mind”

“Razao! I’m looking for new things, because they soon become old. Again they all are seems like a dead cockroaches!”

“Am I looking like a cockroach?”

“Yup! Some times your words are roaming on me like a cockroach to taste me and to feel me “


APPAM recipe

Coconut milk – 1 cup, Baking soda – 1/4 spoon, Urud dal – 2 spoon, , Par boiled rice – 200gram, Fenugreek seeds – 1/4 spoon, Salt – 1/4 spoon.

Soak par boiled rice, urud dal and Fenugreek seeds for about 5 hours and grind nicely. Leave this flour overnight. Add coconut milk, salt and baking soda to the flour. Heat a thick pan add a laddle of flour inside the pan.Turn the pan in a circular motion so that the flour spreads and expands along the edges.Cover and cook for a few minutes until the appam becomes soft.

It’s ready.

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