eXIStentialism and armPIT hair remover

How many of us really living as an existentialist?

Are we living with our conscience? or are we speculating ourselves as a post-modernist?

“We are in charge of our lives”, this line totally conflicts with fact. A heavy truck banged a person when he was walking in a platform. Who is responsible? Obviously the driver did it. Nothing can move without reasons. I don’t want to hear mediocre questions like “who created space, if so, who created that?”. We are moving towards the truth. It happened and its happening.

An individual can propose a new consequence to this world, but it might be outrage by the outsiders. Mainly most of the artist who were involved in arts, finally they proved that the point of Eclecticism. We can be an Eclecticist. They all are obsessed with their ideologies. They didn’t intent to pull the reasons to show-off.

Existentialism is not a “Just” philosophy, but an attitude.

By having sex with own mother, this world started to reproduce. Beside, homosexuals, lesbian communities were started their world BC. But the outcome of information was hidden by the majority mob and tried for emotional destruction in the name of God(so called). Slowly these communities proved their entities and it’s finally working, started to fight for their right, they shouted against the favoritism. At last, they did it. We can’t predict the right or wrong, but the “exists” which will decide the present and future with its intensity.

When we realized that we are all must have a freedom thought? Solely we are all really causing for individuality and our crush with phenomena. But we have the choice to skip to lend the ideas from our dead philosophers’ society. Freedom is not only for construction but also a deconstruction.

“You know what Mr. Gray hair said…” kind of thinking will not drag us towards the facts. It’s just mental masturbation with their words.

Personally, I am trying to live with my estimations on living. But it’s not easy to walk with predefined political colors. That’s the dark part.

Recently, I saw a movie “Into the Wild”. I am not giving a movie review here. But I took the context. A person strongly believed that this life is a journey. Every people are like a different places. He tried to share his dreams and ideas with them. He tried to travel into their hearts. But he couldn’t interconnect with anybody. Finally he discovered the secret of life is “SHARING”. He got an outlook without “Fat-Books”.

It was a self-experimentation. There the happiness shined inside him and finally he died with a smile on his face. It’s a true story of Christopher Johnson McCandless. I’ve considered him as existentialist. This is what I called as “Living”.

Someone pointed to me that he died with heavy regret. Yes, that’s the point. He regretted, but he did that with serenity. “Regret” is not only in negative level, but that feeling, that conscious state lead us towards realization.

And one more important stuff  i like to share,
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8 Responses to eXIStentialism and armPIT hair remover

  1. chytra says:

    my dear,
    1)who created space, if so, who created that?”. may be or may not be a mediocre question,but,its the most intuitive question any human being comes across,instead of ‘who’,think of time and ‘space’, ‘time’.
    it sure leaves u stoned, something which will gnaw u towards its realization so sweetly,and freak u out,just like a 16 yrs old girlfriend.But has the seriousness of a 40 yr old manager.and the naughtiness of wisdom jus like ur old grandmother.Try,its fun.
    2)If existentialism or any ‘ism’ ,for the matter, lead towards realization,where does realization lead us towards?
    3)Lucky him he could share his thoughts(and hence,realization too), if not what?(not if not what to him,he was already dead.)
    4)Is realization happiness?enjoyment?beauty?
    5)whats the purpose of individuality?

    PS:all questions asked with earnesty,they are a flow of thoughts,i had already taken out the question(mediocre),are u wrong or right outta the thought zone.I like it to be comprehended(construction or deconstruction or destruction)in my mind,to give it moments of realization,so there is space,when there is time agian.

  2. Dear Chittu,

    I am not much concerned about so called elitist questions. It’s not a crime to ask a question like “what’s the color of red?”. I am personally had, having nauseating time with such craps. I am not confronting them, if i do, it’s worthless.

    Coming to your point, where does realization lead us?

    Where does all our basic needs lead us, such as, eating, sleeping, smoking, laughing, shitting, sex, eating ice cream, masturbating(basic need!? lol), dancing, music, painting, inventions, movies. Why we all need some esthetic values?

    Is there any consequences made for everybody. That tricky math will not satisfy our expectations. 16 or 40 has the same calculations, but, nevertheless, it depends on their logical measurements of analytic thinking.

    I lost my patience to hear it anyways, even my gorgeous grandma once decided not to talk with anybody after her death. She did it!

    Death can hold only the human constraints. Yes, he was already dead, but by leaving his imprints. That really makes sense.

    Realization is a mental state that never exits in any emotions. These happiness or enjoyment or beauty has some intentions which definitely differs from person to person. Realization is depends on facts and its emotionless state(not in a negative way).

    If you can find what does “Laissez faire” means, you could probably get the answer for individuality. Its mainly for self-experimentation. To dig ourselves to find the treasure island. But others islands are not mine, that i am sure.

  3. chytra says:

    1)”What is time?” isn the same as “what color is red?”
    if some one asks me “what color is red” i will answer
    “Dude,(LMFAO),Red itself is a color,or are u named red?or by any chance are u Orhan Pamuk?(WTF)!?”and smile at him:)
    2)But if someone asks me what is time i may have a range of answers,
    Time is something infinite,
    Time is what i dont have,
    Time is the test for freindship,
    And further pose questions like,
    Can time exist without space?
    Can we measure sapce wihtout the parameters of time?
    or even try to be silly by asking,can we measure space without time?(hehe)
    Or may answer very diplomatically,
    i need to read more physics before i die,to answer that,
    (and think in my mind,that whether i’ll have time after i die?
    will i have time after i die?)

  4. chytra says:

    3) Why do we need aesthetic values?

  5. chytra says:

    4)Why cant math fulfil our expectations?
    I guess it helps us does!!
    Imagine life without without it!

  6. chytra says:

    5) To leave an imprint is not so easy,consider all the people who made an imprint,which one reached u earlier?
    And we dont know evryone who can make an imprint on us, do we?
    Thats what i menat, if Chris’s writings had not been discovered,colud he imprint any damn thinng on you?
    Thats what i menat when i asked u “what if he was not lucky?”

  7. chytra says:

    6)Realization may or may not be a permanent truth.
    it depends on what u realize.
    Yes i know its for the mind,but mind asks one more even after realization,it helps u make not the same mistakes,thats my take.(on realization)
    yes i agree,a fruitful life which has more beliefs(which are a direct result of realization), than no realization at all,with a hope for coming times (for others,cos one seizes to exist neway),how can one hope without any realization,right?

  8. chytra says:

    7)and thanks for“Laissez faire”.

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