tHE glaSs pALAce

That baby’s eyes are closed. Now I couldn’t see the smile which I saw before couple of days. Look at the hands, once I felt it by my pinky finger, I felt like touching a new born cat, soothed my fingers. Later the baby’s pink body kept inside a small box in a room. Lots of tubes connected to its body. I saw the stomach waves up and down. Do they create pain to the baby, doctor said it won’t. Even though I thought it will. Look! a slight movements in the tiny legs that scratches each other. The whole scene is like a painting. Can you see me? baby! I am talking with you?.

I laughed at me for my irrational imagination. I am not bored for watching a new born baby for a long time. I am wondering about its futurity. Everybody likes your smile, will you smile like this when you grow up? or will you change its colors?. I don’t mind if you do. I change my colors always. Never mind, you are different from others. SEE! I NOTICED IT AGAIN! your hands are moving, are you in pain? Shall I call the doctor? or Is It normal? You are always living with closed eyes, crying with closed eyes, smiling with closed eyes, who knows you can see everything in closed eyes. Are you happy to stay like this in a glass palace? your nudity never annoys anybody, you know something, i am a naturist. Don’t bruit. I know you can’t underestimate me.

I saw your father last night and he cried on my shoulder. what are you expecting me to say to him? huh?. I told him that she will be OK. Am I right? will you help me to keep my words. can I trust you? are you listening to me? I am talking to you? I hope you are. Want me to continue? OK. I know I lied to him. I have choices to tell lots of lies.

You are sleeping with your own secrets. Secrets that nobody can understand and prove it. Your choices are only to contribute ignorance. You pulled all your pains and happiness in you without any regret. I am leaving now, will come tomorrow to see you again. I insist you to show your smile with opened eyes.

I came outside, the sun slapped my face. I went to my home and finished all my daily deeds.

Later in the midnight my mobile cried. I ran to the hospital and i saw my friend is crying like a midnight dog. I hurried my steps to the room where she lived for some days. I saw the glass palace was now filled up by emptiness.

I closed my eyes to stop my tears, now I saw her smile with opened eyes.

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