aNTAgonism aND raGi puTTU reCIPes

Trying to write a new post, but trying to skip the platitudes. It’s not possible for me to picture “what’s happening in this earth”  kinda damns. It was happened in the time when it happened. That “Happened” is not trying to change the system, but the system which is very much concerned to equip the happenings. Hyperbole postures are designed for mediated systems.

So i like to show you how to prepare Ragi Puttu Recipe

Have two cups of Ragi puttu flour and if you like coconut, have it half cup (i hate coconut).

And then in idli cooker, steam the raggi puttu flour for 15 mins.

In the mean time, we can start to prepare the ingredients to add, like, 4 Elachi, sugar(if you need sugar) and grated coconut.

Take out this in a bowl, add the ingredients. Ragi puttu is ready.
Now you can wet your tongue with banana and papad or any side dish you like.

Ragi Puttu is smilar to Franz kafka’s The Castle. You know something, Franz kafka died before finishing the work. but trust me, we will stay alive.

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2 Responses to aNTAgonism aND raGi puTTU reCIPes

  1. Knife says:

    Its been a while in here… and anywhere for that matter… But cant help not to stand in line for a bite of the puttu 🙂

  2. rama says:

    loved your “a race to nowhere”…but i want to rub my cerebral as when i got frozen by your
    “Cello-brating music!”. nice to see you again. cheers.

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