Finally i watched the flick “Delicatessen”. After a long time, in an unexpected pixel, i got to notice this movie. This french creation has a enormous power to make laugh. The directors Marc Caro & Jean -Pierre Jeunet . Two directors. I don’t know when this “Double-Direction” attitude came into this industry. Like wise, Business partners. Anyways, this movie is worth to watch. You need to be a non-philistine to watch this flick. Yeah, that’s true. Most of the scenes are valued by surrealism. But the plot of the story never got disturbed.

The Center attraction of this movie is Cinematography. Gosh, such a vivid work.  The color tone they chose was Brown all over the frame. That brown color is the character, that make a profound fear in us.

My favorite dialogue from this movie,  “Nobody is entirely evil: it’s that circumstances that make them evil, or they don’t know they are doing evil.”

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